MR-Spi05 Rib Front
AF-W8 Laborer
Unit type Fifth Generation Knightmare Frame
Model number AF-W8
Codename Laborer
Manufacturer General Dynamics
Primary users Various
Status Active
Developed from MR-1A Loadarm
Known Pilots
Other Information
Mass Produced Non-Combat Frame
"The AF-W8 Laborer is a civilian-used Non-Combat Frame used mainly for construction but can be easily modified for combat duties in a pinch which is the reason we are learning about it today..."
―Unknown Britannian Knightmare Pilot Instructor
The AF-W8 Laborer is a Civilian Non-Combat Frame based heavily on the success of the earlier MR-1 Series Non-Combat Frames. Mainly developed for Construction it can be used for a variety of different jobs and tasks.

Appearance Edit

Looks quite similar to that of the MR-1A Loadarm just taller and larger along with the removal of the typical Knightmare Cockpit block. Normal models are painted in civilian construction yellow while others painted in other colors depending on owner.

Design Edit

The Laborer was originally developed for the use of construction though can be used for other non-combat jobs. While heavily based on the earlier MR-1 Loadarm it is clearly still a bit different mainly in size and mission. Overall the Laborer is one of the largest Knightmares developed measuring at a whopping ten meters in height.

It sports a new cockpit system which is balanced on a neck like attachment that can move around backwards and forward. The cockpit is also not housed in an armored block like other more military developed frames. Instead like other construction equipment this Knightmare possess an large window that wraps around the cockpit giving the pilot a wide-view to help in the use of the unit.

The main "arms" of the Knightmare end in two-fingered claws for easily grabbing of large parts and such to move around a construction site. Also included are several smaller mini-arms built into the inner box-like area of the Knightmare which sport a variety of different tools to be used in the frame's true mission of construction.

While developed for the construction duties this Knightmare like many other civilian-use machines can be easily configured for combat when needed. For the Laborer the claw-hands can be used in melee in an emergency but due to the modular nature of the Knightmare it can be equipped with a variety of different weapons when needed. This includes arm-mounted cannons and missile launchers along with machine guns on the inner mini-arms.

History Edit

The AF-W8 Laborer is developed by General Dynamics the lead developer of civilian-use Knightmare Frames who designed the frame for the use of Construction. It followed a non-standard design layout that was created by General Dynamics for better use of its main job of construction. This Knightmare is in general use across the planet and can be seen almost anywhere a construction site happens to be.

While General Dynamics didn't originally intend the Laborer to be used in combat it didn't stop it from being used in combat when needed.

Trivia Edit

  • Heavily based on the MR-Spi05 Rib from the Turn-A Gundam Series which does bear some resemblance to the MR-1.

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