"The Aegis Class Air Battleship is one of the more powerful airships in the world currently, only the Federation's Ikaruga is superior..."
―Major Jean Lowe, CO 3rd Knightmare Squadron, Orb Royal Defense Forces
Class Aegis Class (MABB-200)
Ships of the Line
  • ODS Aegis (MABB-201)
  • ODS Mantle(MABB-202)
  • ODS Pelta (MABB-203)
  • ODS Aspis(MABB-204)
  • ODS Kalasag(MABB-205)
  • ODS Scuta (MABB-206)
Unit type Air Battleship
Manufacturer Morgenroete Heavy Industries
Operator Kingdom of Orb - Royal Defense Forces
  • Overall Length: 280 meters
  • Overall Width: 176.78 meters wide, wing to wing, 52.25 meters main hull
  • Overall Height: 87.3 meters

maxmium combat weight of 105,265 metric tons

Equipment and Design Features
  • Type-S3 "Aspis" Radiant Wave Shield System
  • Type-101 "Aurora" Air Glide Wing System
  • Type-00/SA3 Slash Anchors
  • Mark-IV Escape Pods
  • 3 x Type-C8 "Pike" 95cm High Velocity Cannons
  • 2 x Type-C6 "Sword" 78cm High Velocity Cannons
  • 1 x Type-X1 "Hammer" 135cm Hadron Cannon
  • 24 x Type-A22 20mm CIWS Guns
  • 2 x Type-VII Aerial Torpedo Tubes
Units Carried
  • 48 x Knightmare Frames
  • 6 x CA-55 "Heli" Support VTOL Gunships
  • 1 x CA-120 "Phoenix" Aerial Personal Shuttles
  • 2 x CA-100 "Griffin" Aerial Transport Shuttles
  • Colonel Kenji Shepard (ODS Aegis)
  • Colonel Edi Okita (ODS Pelta)

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