After the Black Knights' acquisition of the Gawain, their chief scientist Rackshata Chawla proceeded to familiarize herself the KF's experimental technologies. However, while Rakshata was able to understand most of the Gawain's systems rather quickly, the Float System proved to be an arduous task, as she is unfamiliar with the scientific field of propulsion. But realizing the practical asset of such a system, she soon set out to duplicate and mass-produce it, creating the Air Glide Wing System, which is first equipped on the Guren Kashoshiki. Unlike the Britannian float systems, which are based on the Lancelot's jet-like Air Cavalry backpack, this version is based on that of the Gawain's stem-like float system.

Not wanting to rest on her laurels however, Rackshata committed herself into developing the system a step further than even its original Britannian counterpart, in the end creating the Air Glide Binder System. Aesthetically, it is similar to original Air Glide Wing system, but only longer, larger, and mounted on the front of the torso, rather than on the eject-able cockpit, with the binders stretching rearward rather than out to the sides. However, its the performance of the system truly sets it apart, as not only does it offer superior mobility to those of the standard Air Glide Wings, but it also allows a KF equipped with the system to function in the upper portions of the Earth's atmosphere giving the Black Knight aerial superiority over Britannian contemporaries. With this, the Black Knights gained an unparalleled advantage over its enemies, at least until the Britannian military started to upgrade their Float systems as well.

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