Guardsman Soran

Alexander, in his Royal Guard uniform

Alexander B. Waldstein is the main protagonist in Juubi-K's fanfiction 'One and Only Son.' He is this universe's incarnation of Soran Ibrahim, or Setsuna F Seiei.


Alexander's appearance is identical to that of Setsuna. The only difference lies in clothing, which in Alexander's case is generally Britannian military uniforms or aristocratic outfits.


Birth and YouthEdit

Alexander was born under the name Soran Ibrahim in the Federal Republic of Krugis in 1998 ATB. The circumstances of his birth, and the identity of his family, remain a mystery, and no pertinent records exist. He lived on the streets of Tehran for much of his young life, surviving as best he could. A favourite haunt of his was the neighbourhood surrounding the Golestan Palace, as the servants often left him food out of pity. His natural intelligence gave him a knack for survival, but in turn made him a target for less fortunate street children, seeking to despoil him of whatever he found. It was under these circumstances that his life would change.

In the summer of 2004, at the end of Britannia's intervention and the creation of the Kingdom of Krugis, Bismarck Waldstein noticed an altercation in the streets outside the palace. Upon investigation, he saw Soran fighting off a number of street children. Impressed by the boy's valour, and for a long time regretful that he had no son of his own, Bismarck intervened and rescued Soran.

After nursing Soran back to health, Bismarck gave him a choice. He could travel to Britannia as Bismarck's son, or remain in Iran with the promise that the Shah would ensure his future. Soran, now more than a little attached to Bismarck, chose the former.

Alexander spent the next two years at his new father's home, La Casa Pacifica, in San Clemente in the Grand Duchy of California. There he learned the skills and manners of a Britannian aristocrat, especially those related to fighting, for which he displayed a strong aptitude. During this time his existence became known to the rest of Britannian high society, causing great speculation as to the identity of his mother. The story, provided by the Emperor, was that she was noblewoman, reclusive due to ill-health, who died giving birth to Alexander. The Emperor also provided the relevant paperwork, including Alexander's Birth Certificate, ensuring that Alexander's secret remained safe, his date of birth being set at April 7th. Even so, Alexander was haunted by the knowledge that he was not who he claimed to be, living in fear that someone would discover the truth.

His existence invariably came to the attention of Empress Marianne, who persuaded Bismarck to send Alexander to live with her at Aries Villa. Having concluded that there were things he could not teach his son, Bismarck acquiesced, and Alexander was transferred in May of 2006. Though Marianne took a shine to him, as did her three-year-old daughter Princess Nunnally, Alexander's relationship with Prince Lelouch was intially standoffish. After an encounter with Queen Gabriella, in which Alexander stood up for his hostess' children and ended up in a fight as a result, a friendship began to bloom between them. The happy times lasted until 2007, when Alexander accompanied Princess Cornelia to Benedict Arnold Military Academy as her Page.

Alexander would remain at the Academy with Cornelia for two years, until her graduation in April 2009 ATB. Though he was able to learn a great deal, he was an object of derision to most of the male cadets. While the female cadets treated him with affection, speculation was nonetheless rife over why Cornelia was keeping a ten-year-old boy in her room. Alexander first won fame when he fought off a group of male cadets engaging in a Panty Raid, an event which took place on his birthday of all days. Cornelia, as a gift to him, had gained permission for Alexander to take knightmare training alongside the cadets. She presented it to him in the form of a knightmare key.

The event that truly marked Alexander's ascent was a raid on the Academy by an anti-government terrorist group in February 2009. The terrorists infiltrated the Academy grounds and stole several Glasgow Trainers, wounding Cadet Jeremiah Gottwald in the process. Cornelia and Alexander, along with their mutual friend Cadet Gilbert G.P. Guilford, took the remaining knightmares and pursued. While they prevented the terrorists from destroying the Academy, the could not prevent their leader, a certain Ali Al-Saachez, from escaping. Alexander was very nearly killed in the encounter, though Al-Saachez fled for reasons unknown.

Tragedy struck after Alexander's return to St Darwin Boulevard, when he bore witness to the assassination of Empress Marianne. Deeply hurt by the loss, and his subsequent failure to prevent Lelouch and Nunnally's exile, he fell into a dark depression. Bismarck noticed the change in his son, and how much driven he had become, and was able to bring Alexander out of it. He was then transferred to Chalcedon Palace at the request of Queen Amelia li Britannia, mother of Cornelia and Euphemia. When he arrived, he learned that Cornelia's pursuit of Marianne's killers had become an obsession, and it was both Amelia and Euphemia's hope that he could convince her to let it go. In an emotional confrontation, Alexander admitted the depth of his devotion, offering his own life if it would ease her suffering. Moved, Cornelia dubbed him a knight on the spot, using an archaic oath;

"Wilt thou be my sword-arm, my liege-man, and my knight?"

"By God and my right hand, I swear thy holy oath."

"Wilt thou swear to Justice, to Mercy, and to Charity?"

"By my sword-arm and my true heart, I swear thy holy oath."

"Wilt thou be valorous, of pure heart, and humble?"

"By my first breath and my last, I swear thy holy oath."

"Wilt thou do thy Liege's will, forsaking base desire?"

"My will is thy will, thy will and thine alone."

Alexander lived at Chalcedon Palace for the next two years, spending much of his time fending off the marital pretentions of Euphemia's friends. At age 13, he was enrolled in the Cadet School at Colchester, where he developed a reputation for diligence and ambition, as well as swift and efficient violence. He got into a fight only once, and none dared try again. He then entered the Imperial Military Academy at age 17, graduating at age 19 with an invitation to the Imperial Guard. He was then inducted into Princess Cornelia's Regiment of Royal Knightmare Guards as a Lieutenant. It was the year 2017, and his career had begun.

Lelouch of the Rebellion R1Edit

Alexander's first real war happened almost immediately after his graduation, when Princess Cornelia set about opening new Areas in Africa. Her target was Libya, soon to be Area 18. Alexander served with distinction in many battles, but Libyan resistance proved heavier than expected, in part due to covert assistance from the EU. Cornelia's response was to launch a two-pronged attack on the leadership's desert hideout, with one prong attacking via the small town of Seraphaum, which hosted an EU-built heliostat facility desired by the Settlement planners. Unbenownst to her, an EU Tactical Coordinator by the name of Colonel Leesa Kujo had foreseen this move, dispatching knightmares to ambush and kill the Princess at Seraphaum. Most of the Britannian troops were killed when the bomb-rigged Heliostat facility exploded, but Cornelia managed to rally her surviving followers. During the battle, Alexander would meet once again with Hamid, the true identity of Ali Al-Saachez, who had raided the Military Academy when he was a child. Between himself, Cornelia, and Sir Graham Aker, the ambush force was destroyed, with the exception of Hamid and a certain Neil Dylandy, who both managed to escape. Cornelia set off alone to destroy the Libyan government hideout (as seen in R1 Episode 5), while Alexander carried Graham to safety.

With the establishment of Area 18, Alexander accompanied Cornelia to Area 11, whereupon she took up her new post as Vicereine. He fought under her command in many battles against the Japanese Resistance though, to his chagrin, he was unable to do anything during the Kawaguchi Lake Hotel-jacking incident. With diligence and devotion, he worked hard to help Cornelia put Area 11's administration in order. Like Cornelia, he tended to neglect the social aspects of his position, turning down a great many invitations. Matters came to a head when a certain Lady Beauregarde complained to Cornelia after he failed to show up at a soiree she was holding (his plea of prior commitments did not hold water, as several other officers had managed to attend). His reclusiveness had led to speculation that Cornelia was keeping him all to herself. Cornelia ordered him to be more sociable in future. When Alexander admitted that he had been invited to an event held by the Ashford Family, most likely intended to set him up with Milly, Cornelia advised that he turn her down in person. She sent him to Ashford Academy in the company of Rai for that purpose.

Unfortunately, he happened to turn up during a certain event, of which Rai was unaware, resulting in a close encounter with a certain Luluko, who begged him to help 'her' escape. This Alexander sought to do, only to be chased around the campus by the students, discovering his mistake only after seeing a forcibly-crossdressed Rai, followed by Milly Ashford stealing Luluko's wig. The revelation caused him to faint, whereupon he was carried away by Rai, both of them being rescued by Princess Euphemia.

Alexander was involved in both the Battle of Narita and the subsequent harbour skirmish. Still confused over the events of the battle, Alexander visited the Narita memorial in search of closure, unexpectedly encountering Shirley Fenette. Their discussion was disturbed by Mao, who used his telepathy to torment Shirley psychologically, tazering Alexander unconscious when he tried to defend her. In the subsequent encounter at the Funicular railway station, Alexander succeeded in killing Mao, but not before the telepath revealed his secret to Lelouch. When he refused to abandon Cornelia and join him, Lelouch erased his memory of the incident.

Following an attack by EU and Egyptian forces, Cornelia returned to Area 18 to take command of Britannian forces there. She left Alexander with instructions to protect Euphemia and assist her in choosing her Knight, as well as to intervene if he found fault with said Knight's conduct. To his disquiet, she also ordered him to oversee the execution of Kyoshiroh Tohdoh, which was to be carried out by Suzaku Kururugi. Worse, Euphemia revealed that Cornelia had been pressuring her to choose him as her Knight, those she insisted that she had no intention of doing so. Alexander took part in the subsequent battle inside the prison complex, where he fought Hamid once again. Despite his, Rai's, and Suzaku's best efforts, they were unable to prevent Tohdoh's rescue.

Following the events around Shikinejima and Kaminejima, in which he had no part, Alexander learnt a terrible secret. On the night of the Chinese invasion of Kyushu, following Suzaku's resignation of his knighthood, Euphemia told Alexander of how she had encountered Zero on Kaminejima, and that he was none other than her half-brother Lelouch. Alexander was horrified and pained by the revelation, fearful that he might have to kill his childhood almost-friend. It was in that state that he flew in to battle alongside Suzaku, his custom Gloucester equipped with Lloyd's spare float unit. They fought their way into the Kyushu base, only for Alexander to encounter Hamid once again. Their battle went badly, with Hamid stealing his Heat Katana and almost defeating him but for Zero's intervention. At Suzaku's request, Zero gave his spare Energy Filler to Alexander. Before accepting it, Alexander asked Zero why he fought. Satisified with Zero's reply, Alexander fought his way further into the base and succeeded in capturing General Tsao Yuan Ming and Atsushi Sawasaki. For this achievement, Alexander recieved the Lion's Cross from the hand of Cornelia herself. Later, he accompanied Princess Euphemia to the Ashford Academy Festival, where he was joyfully reunited with Nunnally, and witnessed Euphemia's declaration of the Specially-Administered Zone of Japan.

Cornelia was enraged by Euphemia's actions, and took it out on Alexander. In a fit of anger she put Alexander on the spot, blaming him for not stopping Euphemia and grilling him over his father's policies in Krugis, which she saw as having influenced Euphemia. Alexander was deeply hurt by her accusations, but did not know what to do about it. He was subsequently roped into attending a ball thrown by Prince Schneizel to celebrate the SAZ declaration, where he encountered Shirley once again. He also had a fateful encounter with Princess Marina, who in a private conversation identified him as Soran. Horrified and enraged, Alexander accused Marina of slander and stormed out, only to encounter Nena Trinity, who tried unsuccessfully to seduce him. Alexander was then attacked by Michael Trinity, an old enemy from the Colchester Cadet School, the fight ending with the intervention of Princess Euphemia. Euphemia put Alexander on the spot, angered by his apparent rudeness to Marina, but Alexander refused to back down. The situation was saved by Mena Carmine, who explained away the apparent connection between Soran and Alexander as a case of mistaken identity.

Fatefully, Alexander was present at the SAZ opening ceremony. There, while Zero and Euphemia were meeting aboard her G-1 MCV, Alexander had his first encounter with CC. As Lelouch's Geass went out of control, Alexander was affected by the same phenomenon as Suzaku and Euphemia's bodyguards, unlocking one of his most distant memories of when, as an infant, he overheard the murder of his biological parents. Upon wakening, he saw a Geass-affected Euphemia rush past with Zero in hot pursuit. At that moment he also remembered his encounter with Lelouch at Narita, possibly due to CC undoing the Geass. Not understanding the situation, Alexander tackled Lelouch, berating him for the Geass and for trying to oppose Euphemia. His pleas falling on deaf ears, Lelouch warned him that Euphemia was under a Geass and would kill all the Japanese if not stopped. In desperation he called Alexander 'my brother', playing on Marianne's fateful promise. Moved, Alexander raced to Euphemia's side, only to see her gunned down.

Aboard the Avalon, Alexander waited for news of Euphemia's condition. It was then that he encountered VV, who gave him a brief explanation of the Geass and what had happened with CC. After Alexander refused his offer of a Geass of his own, VV commented that Alexander was everything he had hoped he would be, then disappeared before Alexander could question him further. Summoned to her bedside, Euphemia told Alexander that Cornelia loved and needed him, and asked him to forgive Lelouch and save him from himself. Thus she died.

More to come

Personality and TraitsEdit

As a result of his very different upbringing, Alexander bears only a limited resemblance to his Gundam 00 counterpart. For example, he does not share his counterpart's dislike of being physically touched. However, he is similarly taciturn and introverted, trusting few and opening up to even fewer. His motivations stem mostly from his secret, that he is not his father's son, but rather an orphan he found on the street (and, strictly speaking, a Number). He is terrified that the truth will be revealed, or that someone will discover it and use it to blackmail him, fearing that those he cares for will desert him and that the society in which he has been raised will reject and despise him. As such he fights hard, rising through the heirarchy on his own merits, in the hope that if and when the truth is revealed, he will be too indispensible for it to matter. The more he fights, the more he succeeds. The more he succeeds, the more Britannian society lionizes him, creating a self-perpetuating cycle.

This is not to say that he is without feeling. He is deeply loyal to those he cares for, and will risk his life to protect them. Indeed, his loyalties are entirely personal. Alexander cares little for ideologies, seeing the single-minded pursuit of principles as a cause of conflict. His time on the streets of Iran taught him a great deal about the cruelty that human beings were capable of, especially in the cause of ideology. He makes an exception for the code of Chivalry, for while it may permit evil acts, it does not demand them as such. His desire to protect others can sometimes cause him great pain, for he tends to blame himself when those he loves suffer, even if the cause is beyond his control.

Though not particularly sociable, Alexander tends to be popular with women. He attracts genuine affection and loyalty from those who come to know him well, and his aristocratic grace endears him to those who see it. He is honourable and even noble in all his actions, a fact that even his bitterest enemies acknowledge, whether it impresses them or not.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alexander is a highly capable soldier, with training and experience in many aspects of warfare. He was trained with the sword by his father from the age of 6, and was able to train in knightmare combat from the age of 11. He is best known for his skill as a Devicer, able to handle a knightmare with the auto-coordinator deactivated. His list of confirmed kills in the Area 18 campaign consists of 9x Recon vehicles, 5x APCs, 3x Main Battle Tanks, 2x Bamides class Landcruisers, 2x Ground Attack aircraft, 3x Helicopter Gunships, and 4x Glasgow knightmares. He pilots a Royal Guard Gloucester, with a custom grey colour-scheme, armed with a pair of Machine Pistols.

He also displays considerable prowess in unarmed combat, defeating Suzaku during the incident at Ashford Academy.

Relationships Edit

Cornelia li BritanniaEdit

Alexander looks up to Cornelia as his Mistress, his benefactor, mentor, and perhaps even friend. His attachment to her runs deep, in part due to their time together at the Military Academy, and she is very fond of him in return. Their relationship hit a rocky patch while in Area 11, as Cornelia pressured Euphemia to choose Alexander as her Knight. This was in part due to her trust in him, but may also have been out of fear of her feelings for him. Though she resolved after Kyushu never to send him from her side again, matters got worse when Euphemia made the SAZ declaration, and Cornelia took her frustration and embarrassment out on Alexander. She regretted her treatment of him later, but could not think of a way to reconcile with him. Alexander, for his own part, remains devoted to her regardless.

Bismarck WaldsteinEdit

Alexander regards Bismarck with the deepest love and respect as the only father he has ever known. More than that, he reveres Bismarck as the one who lifted him from his previous life and trained him as a knight, making him the man he is now. Alexander's loyalty to his father runs so deep that in the event of his secret being exposed he would rather die than see his father disgraced.

Lelouch vi BritanniaEdit

Lelouch was Alexander's first friend of anything like his own age. Though initially irritated by Alexander's presence, especially the attention Alexander attracted from his mother, Lelouch was in awe of the older boy. Their friendship truly began when Alexander defended Lelouch and Nunnally from being bullied by Lady Gabriella, one of their mother's rivals, even fighting one of Gabriella's minions. Despite the affection that went between them, Alexander saw their relationship as that of lord and man, rather than a friendship between equals. Lelouch was secretly hurt and disappointed by Alexander's deference, a truth he revealed only when they met again in 2017. This disappointment was worsened when Alexander refused to join him, but at the same time Lelouch saw Alexander's faithfulness as one of his best features, feeling that if he had abandoned Cornelia that easily, he would not be the same person he had once respected. Lelouch's feelings for Alexander ran deeper than either of them realised, as proven when Lelouch called Alexander his brother, alluding to Marianne's request, in a desperate attempt to convince him to stop a Geass-controlled Euphemia.

Euphemia li BritanniaEdit

Alexander first met Euphemia while living with Marianne li Britannia. Their relationship did not develop beyond a friendly acquaintance until after Marianne's death, whereupon Alexander was transferred to Chalcedon Palace. Euphemia came to regard him as a trustworthy friend and confidante, and almost an older brother. She trusted him enough to seek his help in choosing her Knight, and on his advice she followed her own instincts. Their friendship was temporarily imperilled by Alexander's conduct at Prince Schneizel's ball, in which he accused her old school friend Princess Marina Ismail of slandering him and his father, though Mena Carmine's intervention led to a swift reconciliation. For his own part, Alexander loved and revered Euphemia for her many virtues, especially the kindness and friendship she had shown him while he was living with her.

Suzaku KururugiEdit

Gilbert G.P. GuilfordEdit

Andreas DarltonEdit

Marianne vi BritanniaEdit

After arriving at Aries Villa, Alexander treated Marianne with due deference and courtesy. After the incident with Gabriella, after which she revealed that she knew his secret and did not mind it, he became increasingly devoted to her. He came to regard her as the mother he'd never known, while Marianne treated him as if he were her own child. So deep did this bond run, to all appearances, that on the day of her death Marianne went so far as to ask Alexander to call her 'mother' from then on. Alexander mourned her loss bitterly, and has yet to entirely get over it.

Nunnally vi BritanniaEdit

As with her brother, Alexander initially treated Nunnally as a princess, despite her being considerably younger than him. Unlike Lelouch, Nunnally did not object to this, and saw no contradiction between accepting his deference and loving him like a brother. In turn, Alexander came to think of Nunnally as the little sister he'd never had, and was as much hurt by her injury as by her mother's death. As a child Nunnally treated Alexander as a beloved big brother and playmate, thinking nothing of embracing or even kissing him in front of others; much to his chagrin and Lelouch's annoyance. In later years she came to think of him as a dear friend, and hopes to spend more time with him. She desires his happiness.


Alexander's relationship with Rai began as that of knight and squire respectively, though it gradually blossomed into a friendship of sorts. Alexander feels responsible for Rai, and often mises him during his absences. Rai in turn has a great respect for Alexander's prowess in battle, and hopes to be as capable as him some day.

Shirley Fenette. Edit

An increasingly important relationship in Alexander's life. Alexander first met Shirley during the Luluko incident, though they barely interacted. He encountered her again at the Narita Memorial, whereupon they shared a cautious but tender moment before being assaulted by Mao. Their relationship began to take off at Prince Schneizel's soiree, and truly blossomed at the Ashford Academy Christmas party. Shirley's feelings began as gratitude for Alexander's kindess, and admiration for his courage and nobility. Alexander in turn was touched by her innocent regard for him, and found that he enjoyed her company without really knowing why.

Quotes by AlexanderEdit

"I'm sick of being a child! I'm sick of being weak! I'm sick of being too weak to protect anyone! I'm sick of being a coward!"

"Princess, had you let me, I would have offered you my life, as Sir Gilbert did. If my life will atone for my offence, then take it now. If my life will ease your suffering, take it now, and don't regret it."

"My father told me that my honour is my own. But my life, Princess, belongs to you, and you alone. I cannot live and watch you die. I cannot live, knowing that I cannot be of use to you. I cannot live, if you cannot live, my Princess."

"I cannot, my Prince. I love you, but I have given my oath to Princess Cornelia, who has shown me more kindness than I can hope to repay."

"All my life, I have risen on my own merits. By the virtues my father taught me. I have fought with my own strength, and my own honour. Even if you could give me such a power, I would be no different from Lelouch, and Mao, if I were to accept it. It would destroy me, as it destroyed Mao, and is destroying Lelouch."

Quotes about AlexanderEdit

"I am, and always shall be, your proud father. That, no one can take from you." Bismarck

"You will know what to do, when the time is right. Your strength will call to you, and you need only answer." Bismarck

"Alexander, I know the…incident at Grand Duchess Idaho's ball was a tad traumatic, but that's no reason to hide yourself away." Cornelia

"I didn't want you to be loyal! I wanted you to be my friend! You could see past our titles, our positions, but you could never actually go beyond them! You were always the servant and I the master! You wouldn't…you couldn't just lighten up!" - Lelouch

"You said your life was false. But I don't care. It doesn't matter to me. If your life was false then cast it aside, and join with me to create a better one. I cannot be reborn as a new person, but perhaps you can." - Lelouch




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