X0-1 Arthur "Reapers Wrath"

Arthur with glide wings retracted

Unit type Generation Knightmare Frame
Model number X0-1 Arthur
Codename "Reapers Wrath"
Manufacturer Black Suns R&D department
Primary users Holy Britannian Empire
*Black Suns Special forces unit
Status Active
Developed from Lancelot
Lancelot Striker
Guren Mk-II (Kaizaren of the Empire)
Developed into Arthur Excel
Known Pilots
Kaizaren ki Britannia
Real World
First appearance Code Geass: Kaizaren of the Empire R2 Chapter 2
Last appearance Code Geass: Kaizaren of the Empire R2 Chapter XX

The X0-1 Arthur, named after the leader if the Knights of the Round table and legendary king, is an 8th Generation Knightmare Frame developed by Kimberly Havoc and the Black Suns R&D department. It was created based off of data of both the Lancelot's the Guren MKII , and the Gawain, along with various other prototypes and such.

It's described as being a very powerful Knightmare that only Kaizaren can pilot, as it matches with his high demand of skill and precision.

Appearance/Design Edit

The Arthurs appearance is heavily influenced by the Lancelot Striker and Guren MKII. It bears a similar frame to the Striker, while having a head unit that is a cross between the Strikers and Guren's. It's most notable feature is it's left arm, which is a specially designed Heavy Radiant Wave Surger, which is primarily navy blue but with silver edging. The main color is Navy blue as with all Kaizaren's Knightmare's but the secondary color is pitch black, the only indication of gold being on the head unit. It also features an integrated float unit that retracts when not in use, and as such is similar to an air-glide system. It's shoulders also house Hadron Cannons, and it possesses the same Blaze Luminous/Slash Harken combo as it's predecessor, and all six Slash Harken's are now linked to the Harken Booster. The last stage of it's development involved taking core parts of the Striker, mainly it's weapons systems, and integrating them, giving the Arthur unmatched combat abilities in terms of 8th generation Knightmares.

Armaments Edit

  • 6 x Slash Harken
  • 1 x MVS type 2
  • 1 x VARIS/C rifle
  • 1 x Heavy Radiant Wave Surger
  • 2 x Hadron Cannon

Design Features Edit

  •  Landspinner Propulsion System
  • 4 x Factsphere sensor systems
  • 1 x Glide Wing Flight system
  • 2 x Blaze Luminous Shields

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