"The Airship Avalon started it all, and therefore the other ships of the class hold a special place in many airship crew's hearts. Avalons are fast, very lethal, and had the compliment to rain Knightmares onto an enemy force. "
―General Arthur Harrington, Commander of the Britannian Fifth Air Division
Class Avalon Class
Ships of the Line

Avalon Class Air Cruiser

  • HMAS Avalon (CAX/CCAF-1001)
  • HMAS Arcadia (CCAF-1002)
  • HMAS Vinkus (CCAF-1003)
  • HMAS Babylon (CCAF-1004)
  • HMAS Atlantis (CCAF-1005)
  • HMAS Thule (CCAF-1006)
  • HMAS Lemuria (CCAF-1007)
  • HMAS Avaris (CCAF-1008)
  • HMAS Agartha (CCAF-1009)
  • HMAS Themiscyra (CCAF-1010)
  • HMAS Valhalla (CCAF-1011)
  • HMAS Asgard (CCAF-1012)
  • HMAS Olympus (CCAF-1013)
  • HMAS Herning (CCAF-1014)
  • HMAS Biarmaland (CCAF-1015)
  • HMAS Cockaigne (CCAF-1016)
  • HMAS Vineta (CCAF-1017)
  • HMAS Roanoke (CCAF-1018)
  • HMAS Evonium (CCAF-1019)

Overlord Class Air Command Cruiser

  • HMAS Overlord (CCAF-1030)
  • HMAS Suzerain (CCAF-1031)
  • HMAS Overseer (CCAF-1032)
  • HMAS Chieftain (CCAF-1033)
  • HMAS Emperor (CCAF-1034)
  • HMAS Sovereign (CCAF-1035)
  • HMAS Monarch (CCAF-1036)
  • HMAS Ruler (CCAF-1037)
  • HMAS Imperator (CCAF-1038)
  • HMAS Majesty (CCAF-1039)
  • HMAS Royalty (CCAF-1040)

Trebuchet Class Air Bombardment Ship

  • HMAS Trebuchet (BSAF-1050)
  • HMAS Catapult (BSAF-1051)
  • HMAS Onager (BSAF-1052)
  • HMAS Siege (BSAF-1053)
  • HMAS Testudo (BSAF-1054)
  • HMAS Ballista (BSAF-1055)
  • HMAS Ballistic (BSAF-1056)
  • HMAS Barrage (BSAF-1057)
  • HMAS Bombard (BSAF-1058)
  • HMAS Blaster (BSAF-1059)
Unit type Air Cruiser
  • Camelot Advanced Research and Engineering Division (Avalon Only)
  • Douglas Airship Yards (Class)
Operator Holy Empire of Britannia - Britannia Royal Air Force
  • Overall Length: 280 meters
  • Overall Width: 82.95 meters
  • Overall Height: 57.35 meters

Maximum Weight: 71,667 metric tons

Equipment and Design Features
  • XS-1B “Blaze Luminous” MSV Particle Shield
  • FA-X2 Aerial Float System
  • SA-7 Multispectral Sensor System
  • 5 x HVC3C 45cm High-Velocity Cannons
  • 2 x HVC4C 76cm High-Velocity Cannons
  • 14 x CAW1 “Phalanx” 20mm Point-Defense Cannons
  • 5 x VML-90 18-Cell Missile Launchers
Units Carried
  • 24 x Knightmare Frames
  • 2 x FA-3 Personal Float Shuttle
  • 3 x FA-5 Heavy Float Shuttles
  • 18 x EP-1A "Bumblebee" Escape Pods
  • Air Captain Nigel Voss (HMAS Avalon)
  • Air Captain Kozo Maldini (HMAS Arcadia)
  • Air Captain Alice Rice (HMAS Avaris)

The experimental air ship Avalon developed by the Holy Empire of Britannia would be the first ever float-unit equipped ship in the entire world. It would serve as the pathfinder for later developed float-unit equipped air-ships across the world. One such class of these air-ships would be the new Avalon Class Air Cruiser based on the original prototype and would become the middle of three air-ship classes for the Holy Empire of Britannia and its Air Force's new Airship Fleet.

Appearance Edit

The Avalon would be the standard of all future float-capable Air-Ships introduced therefore it would sport revolutionary new design and appearance never seen before on any large aircraft like the Avalon. The original Avalon would keep its orange and white paint-job after being fully refitted into a full-on Air Cruiser. Other ships of the class usually sport a similar looking paint-job to the Caerleon Class, a dark gray and yellow highlights. A couple ships of the class who have high end patrons will sport their own custom paint-jobs like the Arcadia the new flagship for Second Prince Schneizel el Britannia, which sported a similar color-scheme to the original Avalon just with some silver highlights and the crest of the royal family painted on the forward hull.

Design Edit

The Avalon would be first developed by the Camelot Advanced Research and Engineering Department, mostly their "Avalon" Division though other divisions had some input in the design including the "Merlin" Division led by Professor Lloyd Asplund. Overall the original version of the Avalon wasn't really a warship at all, granted it had some defenses but it wasn't designed to be a warship instead it was to be a general test-bed and show piece to show the world the power and majesty of the Holy Empire of Britannia. However when it was used to great effect during the First Black Rebellion it soon saw that the design could be expanded further which would become the Caerleon Class Air Destroyer and the Logres Class Air Battleship. Soon after the Avalon herself would be refitted into a new Air Cruiser design which was followed by several other ships of the class being laid down at the new Douglas Airship Yards in the Duchy of California.

The Avalon and the ships of its class sport a pair of slightly larger Float Units which are along the bottom of the ship alongside the main body. These units are bit more powerful then the units used by the Caerleon Class and thanks to them being mounted wider apart gives them a bit better stability in the air. The ship also sports a pair of secondary float units built into the main body.

The defensive ability of the Avalon had originally been a half-complete ship mounted version of the Lancelot's MSV Particle Shields which at the time of the First Black Rebellion only protected the bottom of the ship. Later on during its refit and the expansion of its design into new ships the ship-mounted MSV Particle Shield design would be fully completed allowing for a complete 360-degree of protection around the ship. This would be first tested by the refitted Avalon before being used on later Britannian Airships. However the main weakness of the design was that a ship equipped with such a shield could not fire its weapons through the shield and had to lower it to fire its weapon in return at an enemy. This was countered by a suggestion by Air Captain Henry Mass, commander of the Caerleon Class Cornwall, who theorized it could be possible to open small holes in a ship's shield to return fire if needed. This would then become standard procedure for the Airships of the Britannian Air Force.

Overall the Avalon Class Air Cruiser sports a similar weapon armament to that of the Caerleon Class just with the addition of a pair of larger, more powerful high velocity cannons with one replacing the center catapult of the Avalon, the other facing aft, and the addition of several eighteen-tube missile launchers across its entire body. All combined made the new Avalon quite a powerful ship in its own right over the smaller Caerleon Class. That is not including the ships twin hangars which is capable of carrying twenty-four Knightmare Frames together four times of the Caerleon Class and roughly half of what the larger Logres Class can carry.

Armaments Edit

HVC3C 45cm High-Velocity Cannons Edit

The same guns mounted on the smaller Caerleon Class Destroyers and are mounted all along the hull of the ship with three of the guns mounted along the main hull of the ship. The other two guns are mounted on the secondary hull that sports the ship's hanger.

HVC4C 76cm High Velocity Cannons Edit

A vastly larger version of the regular HVC3 series high velocity cannon that are mounted on the bow and rear of the ship with the bow-mounted gun replacing the original bow catapult of the Avalon. Thanks to the larger size of this gun and its shell they are most often used for combating enemy airships.

CAW1/CAW2 "Phalanx" 20mm Point Defense Cannons Edit

The CAW Series Phalanx Guns are a series of weapons used for general point defense of a Britannian Airship like the Avalon Class. The CAW1 is the first design in the series and had been one of the only weapons mounted on the Avalon during the First Black Rebellion. The first three ships of the class still sport this version while the rest of the class sport the slightly better CAW2 which had been developed for the use of the Caerleon Class Destroyers. These small guns are mainly used for intercepting enemy missiles and float-capable knightmares that are attacking the ship.

VML-90 18-Cell Missile Launchers Edit

These small missile launchers are design to work in conjunction with the Phalanx Point Defense Guns in defending the ship from attacking knightmares and VTOLs. Therefore these launchers launch small anti-air missiles for use against small attacking targets. However these launchers can also be equipped with slightly larger counter missiles for use in intercepting enemy missile strikes on the ship.

System FeaturesEdit

XS-1B "Blaze Luminous" MSV Particle Shield Edit

The XS-1B Particle Shield is the newer version of the original XS-1A Shield mounted on the Avalon during the First Black Rebellion which had been fully completed soon afterwards. The XS-1B model is a bit more powerful then the original with a few more emitters spread across the hull for better protection along with the ability to open holes in the shield if needed. All of the Avalon Class ships use the XS-1B model shields while the Avalon herself still sports the original XS-1A model that has been slightly modified.

FA-X2 Aerial Float System Edit

The FA-X2 Aerial Float System is vastly improved version of the original prototype FA-X1 System which had been vastly enlarged when the Avalon was first conceived which the rest of the class has inherited from the Avalon while the rest of the Britannian Airships used the mass-produced if smaller FA-F3 Model. This allows the Avalon to have more power in its float system therefore granting a bit more stability overall not to mention allowing the Avalon Class to still fly even with one intact Float Unit if needed.

SA-7 Multispectral Sensor System Edit

This sensor system is actually a series of different sensors and radars combined into one system that is basically a larger and expanded version of a Knightmare's Factsphere System that is able to be mounted onto airships like the Avalon Class.

EP-1A "Bumblebee" Escape Pods Edit

The EP-1A Escape Pods is a system first envisioned by a group of Britannian Air Force Generals who saw that a flying warship would need some sort of escape craft for its crew in case of emergencies. Therefore when the first new airships were being laid down at the new Douglas Airship Yards they asked for these new ships to sport some sort of escape system. The engineers at Douglas soon came up with the EP-1A Escape Pod System using the Cockpit Block of a Knightmare as a basis. Each one of these pods are capable of taking eight crewmen to safety and are therefore equipped with not only parachutes but flotation devices as well.

Notable Ships and Crew Edit

HMAS Avalon Edit

  • Air Captain Nigel Voss

The Avalon is the pathfinder for the entire series of Airships produced by the Empire of Britannia and would go through a couple of hands before ending up as the personal ship for the new Knight of Seven Suzaku Kururugi. While it still is the mobile base for the Camelot Engineering Corp it also sports a crew of hand picked Honorary Britannians loyal only to the Knight of Seven and the Empire. The Knight of Seven would use the ship during his mission supporting Second Prince Schneizel el Britannia during the battles of the Second Great War. Later it would transport the Knight of Seven and his newly rebuilt Z-01/D Lancelot Conquista to Area 11 to face off once more with Zero and his Black Knights.

HMAS Arcadia Edit

  • Air Captain Kozo Maldini

The Arcadia is the new flagship of the Second Prince Schneizel el Britannia after the Avalon was handed over to Knight of Seven Suzaku Kururugi. The Second Prince would personally oversee the construction and design of this ship, therefore sports numerous amenities that any other ship doesn’t sport. It also sports the command facilities of an Overlord Class Command Cruiser to allow the Prince to command whole armies from the safety of the airship. The Second Prince would continue use this airship throughout the brief Second Great War, and into the later titled Second Black Rebellion and events that followed.

HMAS AvarisEdit

  • Air Captain Alice Rice

The Avaris is the sixth Avalon Class Air Cruiser to be built after the Avalon, making it the seventh in the entire class. The ship along with a pair of Caerleon Class Air Destroyers would be assigned to Area 11 soon after the ambush of the Glorious Britannia and its escorts over the Pacific Ocean. However by the time the Avaris and its small squadron arrived in Area 11 Zero and the Black Knights had already been 'exiled' out of the Area. Therefore the small air-ship squadron would be used by Area 11 Military Commanders to go after small pockets of remaining Eleven Resistance.

A few weeks after arriving in Area 11 the Avaris and her squadron where sent to subdue a small group of rebels held up in an old abandoned school. After the squadron shelled the school with their cannons, they sent in troops to capture or kill the remaining rebels. What the troops found would become quite famous throughout Area 11, for when they arrived at the school they found only bodies of young Eleven Children not a single adult along them. They had been orphans who had banded together and sought refuge in the abandoned school, they had not been rebels at all. The reason for them being thought of as rebels were due to a handful of MR-1 Civilian Knightmares and a pair of old Glasglows that had been spotted by recon planes that the orphans used as farming equipment.

The images from this massacre where somehow posted all over the net and made many more Japanese Rebel Groups rise up against the Empire. After this incident Air Captain Alice Rice the Commander of the Avaris and her squadron would resign from the military in disgust at her own actions and the actions of Empire which followed the event.

Variants and Subclasses Edit

Overlord Class Air Command Cruiser Edit

Soon after production began of the Avalon Class Air Cruisers some in the Britannian military wanted an air-ship design which could replace the aging G-1 Mobile Command Base. Therefore Douglas would team up with Imperial Heavy Industries the creator of the G-1 series to develop a new air-ship design for commanding large armies. The result would be the Overlord Class Air Command Cruisers which several would be produced by Douglas and Imperial over a period of several months.

Trebuchet Class Air Bombardment ShipEdit

A new design of the Avalon Class which was to make it into a heavy bombardment ship after the new Black Knight flagship Ikaruga would use its main guns for the first time in the battles in the Chinese Federation. These guns where enlarged Hadron Cannons which were then classified as bombardment and assault weapons by the Britannian Empire. The Britannian Military then forwarded a proposal for a similar equipped ship and Douglas would come up with the Trebuchet sub-class of the Avalon which replaces the forward mounted High-Velocity Cannon with a new Hadron Blaster Cannon, heavily based on the Hadron Blaster mounted on the new Lancelot Conquista Knightmare. This heavy cannon was quite powerful and could destroy another air-ship in one fully powered shot, shields and all. Soon after developing this design Douglas would build several ships of the class for the Britannian Air Force who use the ship as a heavy anti-airship unit.

History Edit

While the Empire would go on to produce new Caerleon and Logres Class airships based on the successful use of the Avalon during the First Black Rebellion, the newly created Airship Fleet of the Britannian Air Force would ask for a mid-range cruiser type vessel to support its existing ships, therefore the Avalon would after a few tweaks and changes would be produced to provide this new ship.

All in all beside some interior differences the class itself still remains similar to its precursor and are usually used for solo operations or a heavy escort for larger command ships. A few ships of the class would be used as flagships for smaller and faster Aerial Squadrons, basically leading a few Caerleon Class ships for one purpose or another often heaving raiding squadrons or a small support squadron for an Britannian Army Operation. Whatever the mission these new ships would provide the Air Force with a heavy combat ship without resorting to the larger Logres Class Battleships. Like with any airship in the Imperial Aerial Fleet the Avalon Class Air Cruiser is an awe inspiring ship of war, and symbol of Imperial Might over the world. To any loyal Britannia Subject the sight of an Avalon or another airship flying over would provoke awe and respect; while to the downtrodden masses of the conquered areas it would provoke fear and dread.

Trivia Edit

  • The ship prefix used by the Caerleon Class and all of the Britannian Air-Ships means His Majesty Air-Ship which makes it different from the regular HMS prefix used by the ships of the Royal Navy.
  • The hull-number prefix letters of the Avalon Class can be expanded to mean Cruiser, Air Force