• DrachenRitter42

    I thought this might be a good place to get that out here. Myself and a friend are looking at putting together an online forum-based RP set in the Code Geass universe, and I wanted to find out if anyone'd be interested in participating. 

    We're still in the process of determining what we're looking to run story-wise, but we're looking at three possible ideas.

    1. An Alternate-R2 type story about a Britannian paramilitary unit tasked with combating anti-Britannian resistance in one of the Areas not depicted in the series.

    2. An Alternate-R1 type scenario in which we would sort of start with a similar general premise, and see how we can change what ends up happening. Canon and Original Characters would both be permitted and encouraged, in order t…

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  • Teitenshi

    Help please

    November 28, 2014 by Teitenshi

    Hello, maybe you fans can help me ;) pretty please

    I am searching for a fic it tells of lelouch and Suzaku being both on revolutions' side, that has this text;

    u asked.

    What’s the date?” Suzaku asked.

    November fifth.”

    Like in that weird poem you wrote?”

    I sent it to Cornelia, too.”

    Suzaku almost fell off his chair, gaping at Lelouch. Nor was he the only one; everyone who was in earshot stared at the teen in shock and denial. Said teen simply poked a fork at the remaining rice in his bowl.

    “Wait, so- were you planning something today? Is that why Toudou-san and the others are gone?”

    Lelouch looked offended. “Of course not!” Then a triumphant smirk made its way onto his face. “I planned it for the eighth. By then the troops will have relaxed due to t…

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  • Don'tHateOnFate

    Templates Redesign

    January 1, 2014 by Don'tHateOnFate

    In Zero's voice: I, Fate, have released an unfinished project that will soon be completed. This project is a total redesign of templates AND repurposing them into your articles.

    I plan on destroying this disorganization and hope to create a neater wiki.

    Note:If you do not like the redesigns, tell me. Especially an admin if they want to revert it.

    • Template:Character Infobox
    • Template:Episode
    • More to come....
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  • Blackmambauk

    just wanted to blog that as i am writing side stories for Code Geass Colorless Memories which is on   I am looking for any willing writers to work with on the project and on building up this fic's universe even more, since i have been very inspired by  Wing Zero Alpha's work on how he has made his fic such a big universe on this site with numerous detailed pages , on tv tropes (though that's more likely due to people contriubuting towards it) etc and i'm looking to do the same for this fic, plus it would be good to work with someone else to make interesting stories, add on characters, bounce and talk about ideas et, of course all in line with NSBleach'00's vi…

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  • Solomus-BlackWing


    September 1, 2012 by Solomus-BlackWing

    Dare I ask why this wiki is so.... bland, compared to the other fanons I've seen? Just wondering.

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  • Jrp04f

    Kallen with Geass fanfics?

    February 26, 2011 by Jrp04f

    Are there any decent AU fanfics where Kallen got Geass instead of Lelouch? Just checkin'...

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  • Jrp04f

    Crossover fanfics?

    February 16, 2011 by Jrp04f

    Just asking if this wikia is for Code Geass fanon strictly, or can crossover fanfics get a spot? Not that there's much in the way of noteworthy Code Geass/what-have-you fiction out there, but "Duality Complex" by Tr3adst0ne has been out there for awhile, been updated fairly regulaarly, and seems to be coming along to the main action finally.

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  • Zero15

    The Twin Demons

    January 18, 2011 by Zero15

    I am not happy with how the Twin Demons turned out, so I shall re-write them. I hope to have them before this semester ends for me. Hopefully I can make it better for all of the fans.

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  • LavaSurferLhiki

    Chapter One

    A few months into the beginning of the Great War.... Three men in black armor were clearing away rubble One of the troopers had an orange pauldron around his neck. The trooper was picking up a large rock when he saw a huge door, He signaled the two troopers over and they pulled at the door. They kept pulling at the rocks until they saw a boy lying on the ground. The trooper nearest the unconscious boy picked him up. The second trooper poured water on the boy’s face; rousing him.\

    The boy had black hair witha lock of hair covering one of his red eyes. He wore a brown long sleeved shirt with shirt pockets. A gunbelt encircled his waist,and he had a holster attached to his belt and strapped around his right thigh. He had light bl…

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