Caroline Lamperouge
Full Name
  • Caroline Lamperouge
  • C.C.
  • Immortal Witch
  • White Ghost
  • Head Researcher Of Project Ragnarok
Age n/a
Gender Female
Height 5'09"
Weight 127.2 lbs
Race Britannian
  • Dash "Zero" Lamperouge (Husband)
  • Lelouch Lamperouge (Son)
  • Nunnally Lamperouge (Daughter)
  • Cornelia Lithuania (Niece)
  • Euphemia Lithuania (Niece)
  • Schneizel Eleria (Nephew)
  • Alice Eleria (Grand-Niece)
  • Claire Eleria (Grand-Niece)
  • Dalque Eleria (Grand-Niece)
  • Lucretia Eleria (Grand-Niece)
  • Sancia Eleria (Grand-Niece)
Theme Song
Additional Information
  • Project Ragnarok (Formerly)
  • PizzaGirl
Units Piloted
  • Mark Nemo

Caroline Lamperouge is a character in Knightmare Battle Tournament and is also one of the Head Researchers of Project Ragnarok in 2010 a.t.b.


Caroline has green colored hair and golden eyes which are her special traits as they were never passed down to her children. She is tall and has a slim figure and is known for being very attractive.


Caroline was very caring for her family, but was still a very stoic and serious person who didn't care for much unless it was important to her or it was related to her family. She often conflicted with her husband during Project Ragnarok, but their arguements were never anything serious and they still cared for one another. 



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