Claire Eleria
Full Name
  • Claire Eleria
  • Carla
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 5'06"
Weight 82.4 lbs
Race Britannian
  • Dash Lamperouge (Granduncle)
  • Caroline Lamperouge (Grandaunt)
  • Lelouch Lamperouge (Uncle)
  • Nunnally Lamperouge (Aunt)
  • Cornelia Lithuania (Aunt)
  • Euphemia Lithuania (Aunt)
  • Schneizel Eleria (Father)
  • Alice Eleria (Sister)
  • Dalque Eleria (Sister)
  • Lucretia Eleria (Sister)
  • Sancia Eleria (Sister)
Theme Song
Additional Information
  • Ashford Academy
  • n/a
Units Piloted
  • n/a

Claire Eleria is a character in Knightmare Battle Tournament! and is also the legitamite daughter of Schneizel Eleria.


Claire is thin and has a very fragile like appearance, similar to her aunt Nunnally. However, she is taller and has short blonde hair that ends at her upper back. She also has purple eyes, similar to her other relatives.


Claire is very calm and nice to others, but due to her status as the daughter of one of Project Knightmare's investors, she isn't able to make many friends who apreciate Claire for who she is. As a reuslt, she tends to act under a false name and appearance under the identity of Carla, which leads others to confusion over whether she has an identity crisis or not.



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