Code Geass: Demons Of Rebellion is a FanFiction by RaiZero that follows the storyline set by it's predecessors. It's release date has not yet been confirmed.


Set one year after the Black Rebellion, a team of surviving Black Knights attack the Babel Tower in the Tokyo Settlement in order to rescue and restore their leader, Zero.


  • Demons Of Rebellion Characters List
  • Demons Of Rebellion Knightmare Frames
  • Demons Of Rebellion Locations
  • Demons Of Rebellion Timeline

Opening Theme SongEdit


  • The original name for this story was Twin Demons R2 as the original storyline followed the events of Lelouch of the Rebellion and R2.
  • The name changed from Twin Demons to Demons Of Rebellio was because the possibility of a fourth installment required such a change to keep a natural flow.

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