Code Geass: Dissidia is the story of All Code Geass: Portrait of Despair,Code Geass: Harmony of Ruin and Code Geass: Portrait of Despair - Advent Child Characters are here in one Series.It also has a game called Code Geass: Dissidia 012.


Code Geass: Dissidia 012Edit

Code Geass: Dissidia 012 R2Edit

Knightmare FramesEdit

  • Sonic Dravise
  • Sonic Shinkirō
  • Steer Swallow
  • Sonic Jaku
  • Proto 01
  • Rising Knight 01
  • Ultimate Knight 02
  • Rising Dracyan
  • Rising Guren
  • Rising Vincent
  • Rising Tristan Divider
  • Sonic Lancelot Frontier
  • Power Siegfried

New Knightmare FramesEdit


  • Power Norikan01
  • Celestial Norikan02
  • Earthen Norikan03
  • Superior Norikan04
  • Perfect Norikan05
  • Ultimate Norikan06
  • Demigod Norikan07


  • Power Gallante01
  • Celestial Gallante02
  • Earthen Gallante03
  • Superior Gallante04
  • Perfect Gallante05
  • Ultimate Gallante06
  • Demigod Gallante07


  • Power Dagger01
  • Celestial Dagger02
  • Earthen Dagger03
  • Superior Dagger04
  • Perfect Dagger05
  • Ultimate Dagger06
  • Demigod Dagger07

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