Code Geass: Knight Suits also called, Code Geass: KS is an upcoming fanfiction by RaiZero.



This story is set in 2017 a.t.b. and follows the basic season 1 plot. However, the Knightmare is in the stage of being replaced by a more sleek and more advanced model named the Knightmare Suit, or Knight Suit. Using elements from Strike Witches and Iron Man, this story is sure to deliver a new view of Code Geass.

Release DateEdit

The release date is unknown. It is more likely to be released sometime mid-2012.


A possible prequel is being thought up along with this story. The prequel will follow an OC cast and will be focused in the E.U. as a subordinate of Lloyd Asplund works on the Knight-Suit. It will likely be set in 2016.

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