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Code Geass: Portrait of Despair is a fanfiction series written by Ruri Tenpouin.based upon the Japanese anime series Gundam SEED it even mixed up with Gundam SEED Destiny and Cross Fight B-Daman.

Cosmic Era 74Edit


Cosmic Era 74 Part 2Edit



Code GeassEdit

Gundam SEED DestinyEdit

  • Kira Yamato
  • Lacus Clyne
  • Cagalli Yula Athha
  • Athrun Zala
  • Shinn Asuka
  • Stella Loussier
  • Lunamaria Hawke
  • Meyrin Hawke
  • Murrue Ramius
  • Haro
  • Sting Oakley
  • Auel Neider

Cross Fight B-DamanEdit

  • Kakeru Ryugasaki (Riki Ryugasaki)
  • Subaru Shirogane (Samuru Shigane)
  • Ruri Tenpouin (Rory Takakura)
  • Takakura
  • Yuki Washimura
  • Kamon Godai
  • Natsumi Inaba (Sumi inaba)
  • Simon Sumiya
  • Grizz Sukino
  • Genosuke Shirogane (Genosuke Shigane)
  • Naoya Homura (Novu Moru)
  • Basara Kurochi


Holy Britannian EmpireEdit

  • Lancelot
  • Matthew

Z.A.F.T. and PLANTEdit

  • Freedom
  • Justice
  • Destiny
  • Zaku Warrior
  • Archangel
  • Eternal
  • Minerva
  • Impulse
  • Buster
  • Infinite Justice
  • Strike Freedom
  • Legend
  • Blaze Zaku

Earth alliance ForceEdit

  • Chaos
  • Abyss
  • Gaia


  • Thunder Dracyan
  • Lightning Dravise
  • Drive Garuburn
  • Ultimate Garuburn
  • Lightning Scorpion
  • Lightning Rabbit
  • Strike Avian
  • Steer Swallow
  • Assault Dragren
  • Double Drazeros


Cosmic Era 74: All B-Damans are Turned into Giant Mechs Called "Knightmare Frames." How can they push the trigger of the B-Damans if they were really big? The story revolves around the 16,11 and 18 years old protagonists,Charlotte Di Britannia,Kakeru Ryugasaki ,and Kira yamato.But The B-Damans don't Talk anymore they can just attack but they still have b-Animals inside them.They met Knightmare Frame Pilots and Gundam Pilots.Charlotte Decided to Defeat the Atlantic Federation and Get to the Equatorial Union.But Can they really Get There with Knightmare Frames,Gundams,and B-Damans?

Cosimc Era 74: They Finally Reached the Equatorial Union But Failed the Mission,they didn't Succeed Because Some Died:Naoya,Subaru and Basara.but they were not dead.there was a cutscene when Stella,auel and Sting Killed Them,the 3 Evaded but it was cut back,they replaced a scene that they were killed.




Earth Alliance ForceEdit


Holy Britannian EmpireEdit

Britannian Imperial FamilyEdit


  • SRW Z2

The Villains (Earth Alliance Forces) can be Saved and join the Protagonists Group.but theres is no way to get the Assault Dragren and Drive Garuburn because Kamon and Naoya cannot be Saved as Playable Protagonists.

  • SRW Alpha

Now there is a Way to Obtain Assault Dragren and Drive Garuburn because Kamon and Naoya can be Saved as Playable Protagonists.

  • Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

Only Gundams can be playable.






Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 Season 2 Opening Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi01:32

Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 Season 2 Opening Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi

Code Geass - Hitomi No Tsubasa (Full Version)03:25

Code Geass - Hitomi No Tsubasa (Full Version)

Colors Japanese Translation03:40

Colors Japanese Translation


Op.5(Portrait of Despair)

Opening 4(Portrait of Despair)05:21

Opening 4(Portrait of Despair)







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