The Crown Prince of the Holy Empire of Byzantium, Constantine Komnenos is the opposite of Britannian Crown Prince Schneizel in terms of how they run the affairs of their respective empires. He is also a skilled strategist like Lelouch, although he is more compassionate towards most of his subordinates. Yet he can be a ruthless warrior, as he demonstrated while battling against Suzaku Kururugi's Lancelot Conquista with his Nikephoros unit.

Flight of the Eagle R1:Edit

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Flight of the Eagle R2:Edit

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Comparison with Canon Anime Characters:Edit

In keeping with the tradition of basing characters on canon characters from Gundam Wing, Constantine is a reference to Gundam Wing's Treize Khushrenada. It is worth noting that the Byzantine Crown Prince opposed the R&D Division's suggestion of mass producing the Akritoi and turning them into Knightmare Drones, just as Treize detested mobile dolls.

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