The following is a series of background files for the purpose of the dedicated reader to enhance his or her reading pleasure of the Divergence Point stories. This series of background info remains as a way of expanding the reading of the story, and for various references mentioned in the stories themselves.

Therefore this background info should not be taken as a canon source and is only real use is for the reference of the the story and the reader's enjoyment. Enjoy!

Background Files Edit

  • FILE-01: Britannian Air Force Rank Chart
  • FILE-02: Britannian Knight of the Rounds Chart
  • FILE-03: Black Knight Rank Chart
  • FILE-04: Orb Self Defense Force Rank Chart
  • FILE-05: Orb Royal Knights Organization Chart

Lists Edit

  • Master List of Knightmare Frames
  • List of Knight of the Rounds and Knightmares
  • List of Failed Prototype Knightmares
  • List of Weapon Development and Production Companies

Order of Battles (ORBAT) Edit

  • ORBAT For the Second Battle of Tokyo Settlement
  • General ORBAT for Order of the Black Knights (Circa. Mid-2018 a.t.b)
  • General ORBAT for Order of the Black Knights (Circa. 2019 a.t.b to 2022 a.t.b)

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