E-16 Mamushi
E-16 Mamushi
Unit type Generation Knightmare Frame
Model number E-16
Codename Mamushi
Manufacturer Terrorist Group
Primary users Terrorist Group
Status Active
Developed from DH-11 Basilisk/RPI-13 Sutherland
Variants None
Known Pilots
Real World
Designed by The E-16 Mamushi is a Seventh Generation Knightmare frame that was based off of the DH-11 Basilisk, it is heavily used by Han's terrorist group.

Under Heavy Construction

Brief Technical InformationEdit

Design FeaturesEdit


Optional Armaments

  • 1x Assault Rifle (アサルトライフル, Asarutoraifuru) (Commonly-used weapon)
  • 1x Giant Cannon (大型キャノン, Oogata Kyanon)

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