An air destroyer vessel used in service of the European Aerial Forces within the E.U. State Forces in The Rebirth Series


(Work in Progress)


Developed to create a small, easy to build aerial vessel for smaller nations that don't have the resources of their larger neighbors to buid the larger aerial vessels within the E.U. fleets by an Italian-Austrian joint engineering team. They were similar to the Britannian Caerleon-class in their given roles, but packed a heavier punch, as well as utilized a different type of anti-gravity propulsion system utilizing the designs of Austrian inventor Viktor Schauberger: the Repulsine.

Because their designs were meant to produce small vessels that packed a punch for smaller nations to utilize in their defense at a reasonable budget, they lack a large knightmare capacity compared to their Britannian counter-parts, holding only a capacity of 24 knightmares as a defensive screen, making it less capable in the carrier department that the Caerleon's can do.


(Work in Progress)

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