Full Name Eve
Aliases The First Woman
Age Unknown
Date of birth a.t.b. Unknown
Date of death a.t.b. Unknown
Height 171 cm (5'7")
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Known relatives Adam (husband)

Akashi Shiba (incarnation)


Geass Order

Real World
Created by Nixie the Bloody Pixie
Voiced by Ai Kayano
Eve (イブ, Ibu) was the first Woman to ever walk the Earth along with her husband Adam, the first Man to ever walk the Earth. She acts as a major plotpoint in the fanfiction Code Geass: A New Story and plays an important part in the Rebirth Project that the Holy Britannian Empire secretly has been working on for decades.


Eve's orginal appearance is unknown.

Her appearance after having been brought into existence by the Geass Order, who used Akashi Shiba to do so, has greatly been influenced by Akashi's own physical features. Her hair is a soft pink, a few hues darker than Akashi's, and reaches the ground. Her eyes are a dark fushia pink. When she is brought back by the Order she is naked but is later given a dress that resembles that of a ballerina's.


Despite her rather sweet and gentle appearance Eve is rather sadistic, enjoying that she can toy around with Lelouch's feelings, and finds great pleasure in causing the children living with the Geass Order great pain, even going as far as making them commit suicide in order to drink their blood. Because that she has taken over Akashi's body a bit of Akashi's personality still remains within Eve's soul as Akashi was the foundation for her recreation. Especially Akashi's devotion to Lelouch refuses to leave her body which more than once has interferred with Eve's desire to kill Lelouch since she sees him as nothing more than an obstacle for Adam.

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