The First King
General Characteristics
Model Number GGK-01
Codename Uther
Unit type General Heavy Assault Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Critical Faction (backed by the Loki Conglomerate)

The Holy Empire of Britannia
The Critical Faction
The 13th Independent Imperial Legion

Dimensions 5.50 Meters
Weight 7.41 metric tonnes
Powerplant Geatic Mega Drive
Michael el Britannia
"A Knightmare Frame with advanced technology and powered by the unique Geatic Mega Drive, an unexplained source of power that is near limitless."
Antonio Mason on his brainchild, the GGK-01 Uther.

The GGK-01 Uther, literally meaning the Geass Generation Knightmare-01 Uther, is a Prototype Design based off the early design for the Z-01 Lancelot and was designed by the Critical Faction under request by the Loki Conglomerate.

The Knightmare Frame was, as mentioned in the Dawn of a New Empire series, used during the time of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Revolution R1 and late in the series it used its connection system to combine with the GKGF-01 Igraine, acting as the Knight Giga Fortress' Cockpit unit.


The design of the Uther is described as unique especially with the new type of technology that is being used in this Knightmare Frame design, the Uther was designed to use Beam Weapons that were designed by the head of the Critical Faction: Archduke Antonio Mason, a rival of Earl Lloyd Asplund.

Equipment, Fixed Weapons and Optional WeaponsEdit


  • 2x Factsphere Sensor (located in head)
  • Built in Geatic Vernier Wings
  • Geatic Particle Shield
  • Neural Interface System
  • Igraine Connection System

Fixed WeaponsEdit

  • 2x Energy Pistol, located in lower arms
  • 2x Energy Swords
  • 1x Geatic Particle Cannon, used when wings fold forward
  • 8x Slash Harkens, 2x on knee joints, 4x under skirt armour and 2x on the lower arms on the outside.

Optional WeaponsEdit

  • 2x Long-range Energy Rifles

Operational HistoryEdit



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