An Aloisius
General Characteristics
Model Number GGK-02C
Codename Aloisius
Unit type Command-type General Assault Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Loki Conglomerate
Dimensions 19.0 meters
Weight 69.8 tons
Powerplant Pseudo Geatic Drive Engine

The GGK-02C Aloisius was the limited production Command variant of the GGK-02 Bellator Knightmare Frames, primarily piloted by Thirteenth Independent Imperial Legion's Aces and Knightmare Frame Commanders in the Dawn of a New Empire series,

Equipment, Fixed Weapons and Optional WeaponsEdit


  • 1x Compact Factsphere Sensor (located in forehead)
  • Built in Geatic Vernier Backpack
  • Shield-mounted Geatic Particle Shield (on left lower arm)
  • Neural Interface System

Fixed WeaponsEdit

  • 2x Energy Swords
  • 2x Shield Claw
  • 1x Geatic Lance
  • 2x Shield Slash Harken
  • 2x Double Vulcan (head mounted)

Optional WeaponsEdit

Operational HistoryEdit


  • The word "Aloisius" is the Latin word meaning "famous warrior".

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