Class Ikaruga
Ships of the Line
  • BKS Ikaruga (A141F5)
Unit type Air Battleship
Manufacturer Chawla Design Bureau
Operator Order of the Black Knights
  • Overall Length: 380 meters
  • Overall Width: 82.9 meters
  • Overall Height: 67.3 meters

Maximum Weight: 81,667 metric tons

Equipment and Design Features
  • Type S000A Multispectral Sensor System
  • Type F000A Air Glide System
  • Type D000A Druid System Analysis Complex
  • Type G000A Gefjun Cloak
  • Type R000A Radient Wave Shield System
  • 2 x Type 900 Hadron Cannon
  • 1 x Type 708 50cm Hyper-Velocity Cannon
  • 7 x Type 693 45cm Hyper-Velocity Cannon
  • 2 x Type 178 80-Cell Missile Launcher
  • 22 x Type 330 30mm CIWS
Units Carried
  • 100+ x Knightmare Frames
  • 12+ x VTOL Transports
  • Yoshitaka Minami (BKS Ikaruga)

The Ikaruga-class air battleship is a warship utilized by the Black Knights in Code Geass Megiddo. The Ikaruga is the flagship of the Order of the Black Knight as well as Zero's command ship, and is captained by Yoshitaka Minami.


Pretty much what it was in the TV series, except now painted in jet black with silver highlights as opposed to the original navy blue and orange. Beyond that, the hadron cannons are now built right on the bow, thus removing the "bulges" on either side and allowing the flanking cannons to fire straight forward.


The Ikaruga-class air battleship was designed to be a combination of a frontline battleship, a command ship and an airborne carrier. In addition to carrying knightmare frames, the Ikaruga features many advanced technologies not normally featured on warships. For one, it is the first warship to be equipped with the vaunted Druid System, a tactical computer system that accurately analyzes specified areas, namely battlefields, and provides detailed findings and conditions that can be utilized. As well, the Ikaruga is also the first warship to be equipped with a Gefjun Disturber, a device that generates electromagnetic waves which when broadcast at great distances can nullify most sensor types, thus allowing the battleship to travel incognito even through the most hostile areas. Later on, the Disturber would be refitted into a Gefjun Cloak, which generated a modified electromagnetic field that not only disrupted sensors, but also bent light around the ship itself, thereby allowing invisibility to visual sensors and the naked eye as well. And much like the Avalon being equipped with "Blaze Luminous" shielding, the Black Knights have given the Ikaruga a Radiant Wave Shield System that covers the entire hull, thus giving the battleship ample defenses against enemy firepower.

In terms of weaponry, the Ikaruga is as much of the definition of a battleship as it can be. Its main weapons round out to eight hyper-velocity cannons placed on different points on the hull, allowing the Ikaruga to take on enemy warships from just about any direction, while onboard CIWS and missile launchers allow it to also engage smaller targets, namely knightmare frames. However, on its bow, the Ikaruga mounts two secret weapons: twin hadron cannons, reversed engineered from data leftover from the IFX-V3D1 Gawain by Black Knights' chief engineer Rakshata Chawla and augmented for ship-to-ship use. Though they take longer to charge than the Gawain's cannons, the Ikaruga is capable of wiping out entire enemy fleets with but a single shot of these weapons.


  • Type 900 Hadron Cannon
  • Type 708 50cm Hyper-Velocity Cannon
  • Type 693 45cm Hyper-Velocity Cannon
  • Type 178 80-Cell Missile Launcher
  • Type 330 30mm CIWS

System FeaturesEdit

  • Type S000A Multispectral Sensor System
  • Type F000A Air Glide System
  • Type D000A Druid System Analysis Complex
  • Type G000A Gefjun Cloak
  • Type R000A Radient Wave Shield System


In 2017, Britannia would shake the world at its foundation by introducing the first dedicated aerial warship: the Avalon-class air cruiser. Years later, airships would become a standard element of warfare, thus necessitating the Black Knights to develop an airborne battleship of their own. Secretly developed in Area 21, the former Militarized Zone of India, the Ikaruga was designed to be the flagship of the Black Knights, as well as Zero's personal command ship. As such, it is completed much earlier than the rest of the Black Knights' air forces, and is also put to the air well before the organization was to announce its presence to the world. Initially the Ikaruga would set out as an advanced scout of sorts, using its Gefjun Disturber to slip in and out of Britannian territory while at times engaging in skirmishes with other warships. Because of its ability to slip into a battlefield and away just as quickly as well as rarely with notice, the Britannians are unable to properly identify the mysterious "Black Battleship", much less directly engage it. The only clue toward the battleship's true affiliation is the "winged sword" sigil on its bow, the long forgotten emblem of the Black Knights.

And then in March of 2025, the Ikaruga and the Black Knights would at long last come out of hiding to lay siege to the Britannian capital of Pendragon. In the middle of the night as Britannians celebrated the Day of the Founding, the holiday that marked Britannia's formation under Emperor Eowyn, the battleship would launch knightmare frames into the city to destroy its defenses and military installations, before firing Gefjun Missiles all across the capital to disable its power and depart in equal fashion. From that point forward, the Ikaruga would take part in the majority of the Black Knights' engagements against the Holy Britannian Empire, with the fabled Black Battleship eventually becoming as much of a status symbol for the Black Knights as the Avalon and Great Britannia are to Britannia.

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