Kallen Kouzuki
Full Name
  • Kallen Kouzuki-Stadtfeld
  • Crimson Lotus
  • Red Dragoness
  • Ace
  • Ace Of Black Knights
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 102.5 lbs
Race Britannian-Japanese
  • James Stadtfeld (Father)
  • Ms. Kouzuki (Mother)
  • Naoto Kouzuki (Brother)
Theme Song
Additional Information
  • Ashford Academy
  • Black Knights
  • CrimsonLotus
Units Piloted
  • RPI-11 Glasgow
  • Type-02 Guren Mk.II

Kallen Kouzuki is a character in Knightmare Battle Tournament! and is also a member of the Knightmare Battle Squadron, the Black Knights


Kallen has a very attractive appearance as she has short red hair which matches her fiery personality in battle and she also has light blue eyes. Her body is very curvaceous as she has been rumored to have the second largest bust at Ashford Academy, behind Milly Ashford.


Kallen is a kind person at first glance, but she is also very fierce and aggressive whenever threatened or insulted. Despite that she is kind to friends and family as she considers both to be very important to her since she lost her father as a child, thanks to the Kamine Island Incident. Kallen is also very embarrassed and shy when it comes to things like special relationships, especially with Lelouch Lamperouge .



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