"The Kamikaze Class Aerial Destroyer is as graceful and powerful as it's namesake able to sweep across a battlefield destroying all that stand before it's mighty form..."
―- General Kyoshiro Tohdoh, Black Knight Field Commander
Class Kamikaze Class
Ships of the Line
  • BKS Kamikaze (D201F3)
  • BKS Nokaze (D202F3)
  • BKS Harukaze (D203F3)
  • BKS Asakaze (D204F3)
  • BKS Kiyokaze (D205F3)
  • BKS Matsukaze (D206F3)
  • BKS Soyokaze (D207F3)
  • BKS Karukaze (D208F3)
  • BKS Ōkaze (D209F3)
  • BKS Tsumujikaze (D210F3)
  • BKS Minekaze (D211F3)
  • BKS Sawakaze (D212F3)
  • BKS Okikaze (D213F3)
  • BKS Shimakaze (D214F3)
  • BKS Nadakaze (D215F3)
  • BKS Yakaze (D216F3)
  • BKS Hakaze (D217F3)
  • BKS Shiokaze (D218F3)
  • BKS Akikaze (D219F3)
  • BKS Yukaze (D220F3)
  • BKS Tachikaze (D221F3)
  • BKS Hokaze (D222F3)
  • BKS Nokaze (D223F3)
  • BKS Namikaze (D224F3)
  • BKS Numakaze (D225F3)
  • BKS Yamakaze (D226F3)
  • BKS Kawakaze (D227F3)
  • BKS Umikaze(D228F3)
  • BKS Suzukaze (D229F3)
  • BKS Hatsukaze (D230F3)
Unit type Aerial Destroyer
Manufacturer Chawla Design Group
Operator Order of the Black Knights
  • Overall Length: 225 meters
  • Overall Width: 245.25 meters
  • Overall Height: 68.35 meters

Maximum Weight: 80,667 metric tons

Equipment and Design Features
  • Type X9 Radiant Wave Shield System
  • Type 100G Air Glide Wing System
  • Type 33S Harken Anchors
  • Type S19 Multispectral Sensor System
  • 6 x Type-C3 35cm High-Velocity Cannons
  • 10 x Type-A3 20mm CIWS Cannons
Units Carried
  • 12 x Knightmare Frames
  • 1 x Type 20 "Peregrine" Aerial Float Shuttle
  • 2 x Type 25 "Falcon" Aerial Float Cargo Shuttle
  • 6 x Type 30 "Dragon" Knightmare Transport Sleds
  • Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Narita (Namikaze)

The Kamikaze Class Aerial Destroyer is the primary aerial ship-of-line for the Black Knights during the end of the Second Black Rebellion and into the Third Great War. It was developed out of the design of the Black Knight's Flagship the Ikaruga along with the study of the Britannian's own Caerleon Class Air Destroyer that made up the bulk of the Britannian Air Force's Airship Fleet.

Appearance Edit

The Kamikaze Class appears to resemble the Caerleon Class just in a flying wing like design. It is painted in a dark green color with dark grey lining during the final battles of the Second Black Rebellion and was repainted soon after in a dark gray and white paintjob soon after the official end of the Second Black Rebellion.

Design Edit

The Kamikaze was designed by the newly formed Chawla Design Group of Horai Island to be an escort-class aerial combat ship able to escort larger airships of the Black Knight's new airship fleet in battle, as well as serving in the front-lines of any battle. It was also designed to be an airborne carrier of Float Unit equipped knightmare frames from the start unlike the Caerleon Class which had originally be designed to carry VTOL Gunships and had some trouble converting to carry knightmares which saw the slightly smaller aerial destroyer only carrying six knightmares compare to the twelve of the Kamikaze Class.

Unlike Britannian Airships which are equipped with large Float Units the Kamikaze Class sports an Air Glide Wing System which are concentrated on the wings of the ship which helps in lift. This is the main reason for a flying-wing like design was chosen for the ship allowing it to stay in the air even when heavily damaged. For defense this ship is equipped with a similar Radiant Wave Shielding to that of the larger Ikaruga but perfected due to the battles in the Chinese Federation showing some weaknesses in the design of the shielding. This does lead the Kamikaze Class to sport two more Radiant Wave Shielding Units then the Ikaruga itself allowing it to sport slight heavier shielding overall thanks to these lessons.

For weapons the Kamikaze Class is equipped with six high velocity railgun turrets, with two on the ventral side of the ship and the remaining four spread out across the dorsal side of the wings. This set-up allows a good coverage all around the ship with all of its guns. For close-in defense the Kamikaze Class sports ten small CIWS machine guns spread all across the ship for use against attacking enemy VTOLs or aerial knightmares. However one major flaw in the design is that it is does not sport any missile launchers which any other similar airship sports. This could said to be a weakness but the Kamikaze sacrifices these launchers for larger ammo magazines for their guns.

Armaments Edit

  • Type-C3 35cm High-Velocity Cannons
The Kamikaze Class sports six of these weapons which are spread across the ship able easily cover almost any angle of attack. Each cannon is capble of firing a 35cm shell that easily destroy an attacking aerial knightmare in one shot and hitting an enemy airship's shield with consective shots can eventually break through. These weapons are also fed by large ammo magazines able to keep them in the fight longer which makes breaking shields a lot easier in the long run.
  • Type-A3 20mm CIWS Cannons
The Kamikaze Class also sports ten small CIWS machine guns that are hidden away in small silos spread across the ship. Each of these large machine guns are capable of easily destroying an attacking knightmare or VTOL with no trouble at all. They are also able to be either controlled by a dedicated gunner or by computer control depending on several factors.

System Features Edit

  • Type X9 Radiant Wave Shield System
The Radiant Wave Shield System used on the Kamikaze Class is an improved model that was developed due to lessons learned during the battles in the Chinese Federation with the Ikaruga before the formation of the United Federation of Nations. The Kamikaze Class basically sports two extra Radiant Wave Shield Emitters then the Ikaruga which allows superior shielding across the ship.
  • Type 100G Air Glide Wing System
The Air Glide Wing System on the Kamikaze is basically the same system from the Ikaruga just slightly modified due to the ship's flying-wing like body which helps somewhat in generating lift.
  • Type 33S Harken Anchors
The Kamikaze Class sports four of these special ship-mounted Harken Anchors which were first used by the Submarine Carrier Ryujin both during the First and Second Black Rebellions. These Anchors while heavily based on the Slask Harkens first used by Knightmare Frames are not considered weapons and are only used for anchoring the ship when needed.
  • Type S19 Multispectral Sensor System
A new sensor suite developed specically for the Kamikaze Class and is an improved version of the older Type S16 first used by the Ikaruga and sports some slight modifications proposed by Ikaruga sensor operator Ichijiku Hinata.

Notable Ships and Crew Edit

BKS Namikaze Edit

  • Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Narita

The twenty-fourth built Kamikaze Class Aerial Destroyer the Namikaze was the lead ship during the Third Battle of Port Yokosuka which was the second of three battles going on during the Second Battle of Tokyo Settlement. It was planned for the Namikaze along with the Umikaze and Nokaze to secure Port Yokosuka for future troop landings to fully secure Tokyo Settlement. However due to the F.L.E.I.J.A denotaing over Toyko Settlement and the following peace settlement the battle was a draw and the three Black Knight airships retreated back to Horai Island along with the majority of the remaining Black Knight Fleet. Later it was assigned to observe Orb Island after the Knights of Zero and the former unmasked Zero, Lelouch vi Britannia, retreated too after the Black Knights betrayal of said man.

The commander of the Namikaze is Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Narita a former JMSDF VTOL Pilot and later Knightmare pilot for the Japanese Liberation Front and the Black Knights when the remaining JLF forces where folded into the Black Knights. Soon after this he was removed from Knightmare piloting and was assigned as commander of the Black Knights new Submarine Carrier the Ryujin where he would command the submarine through the rest of the First Black Rebellion and into the interbellum period. He would remain as commander of the Submarine till the construction of the Black Knight Airship Fleet was started and he then started to help in the formation of said fleet with him writing out operation plans, and such for the fleet.

BKS Kiyokaze Edit

  • Colonel Shenji Okita

The Kiyokaze was one of six Kamikaze Class ships assigned to the Battle of Kagoshima Settlement supporting the large fleet of now Float Unit equipped Chinese Landships which were assault the Kagoshima Settlement. During the course of the Battle with both Air and Ground Forces of the Empire of Britannia lead by Knight of Ten Luciano Bradley the Kiyokaze was along the left wing of the Black Knight Forces which was attacked by Bradley. The Kiyokaze was damaged during this blitz attack from the Knight of Ten and was starting to pull back when it witnessed an attack by several Sutherlands on one of the Longdan Class Land Ships which was recovering survivors from another destroyed Longdan. The Commander of the Kiyokaze, Colonel Shenji Okita, then ordered his remaining crew off the ship before personally piloting the airship towards the attacking Sutherlands where he preceded to hold them off for several minutes using only the automated CIWS guns of the ship before finally being destroyed. This valiant act allowed the Longdan to finish recovering survivors before falling back from the battle.

Variants and Subclasses Edit

Maru Class Aerial TransportEdit

A variant of the Kamikaze Class that is designed as a transport instead of a warship. It was developed due to a need to keep the Air Fleet of the Black Knights supplied and readied for any war with the Empire of Britannia after the end of the Second Black Rebellion. It also transported cargo and supplies between the various nations of the United Federation of Nations when needed due to much of their merchant marine being seized or destroyed by Britannia for whatever reason.

Hayashio Class Aerial Command DestroyerEdit

Another variant of the Kamikaze Class which had been designed to serve as command ship for small formations of Black Knight airships. However with the introduction of the larger and superior, Hinotori Class Aerial Battleship only six of these ships where produced.

Aeolus Class Aerial DestroyerEdit

Often just titled as the Kamikaze Flight-II or Bloc Two these ships are produced after the end of the Second Black Rebellion for the growing Black Knight Airship Fleet. By the time of the start of the Third Great War, around forty or so of these ships were produced which combined with the previous built Kamikaze Class ships outnumbered the total ships of the entire Britannian Air Force's own fleet.

Izanami Class Aerial Stealth CruiserEdit

Originally was to be thirty-first Kamikaze Class ship to be produced but when the Knights of Zero were formed this ship was set aside to become their own flagship and personal transport of the Black Knight CEO Zero instead of the Ikaruga which was to become the flagship of the entire Airship Fleet of the Black Knights. It was also to become a prototype stealth ship, equipped with a Geijun Cloak it could easily make its way anywhere in the world without anyone seeing it. It has since become one of the first ships to be commissioned into the Kingdom of Orb's Self Defense Forces who use it as a Stealth Ship keeping an eye on their prospective enemies.

History Edit

The Kamikaze Class Aerial Destroyer was first designed by the Chawla Design Group after the return of the Ikaruga to Horai Island after fighting in the Chinese Federation against both the Chinese Federation Loyalists and the Britannian forces under Second Prince Scheniveal. After several weeks the first of these new airships would be finished in time to serve in Operation Rolling Thunder, the liberation of the Middle Eastern Federation from Britannia and the Rescue of the Japanese EU Exiles from the Britannian Fifth Army. Later it would take part in the Liberation of Japan after the formation of the United Federation of Nations.

During the battles during the Liberation of Japan, six of these ships would support the Black Knight main invasion force at the Battle of the Kagoshima Settlement, eight others split into two smaller forces would take part in smaller battles at two other locations along the coast of the country, and four more would escort the Black Knight Flagship Ikaruga during the Second Battle of the Tokyo Settlement. Later they would take part in the later titled Third Great War along the Black Knights fleet with a few serving in the fleet of the Kingdom of Orb during their fights against the Britannia forces.

They would quickly become the standard airship of choice for much of the UFN military force the Black Knights. It would be one of the most superior airships developed by any military and would continued to be in use for many years afterwards.


Trivia Edit

  • Basically this is an expanded profile on the Small Black Knight Airship seen in the last episodes of the anime which never received any background or data at all.

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