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Kanna is the mother of Tia from the fanfiction Code Geass: A New World and A Demons Love written by NIxie the Bloody Pixie. She is also the former Guardian of the Miko Crystal.


Kanna is descibed as dark-haired, and has pale skin. She wears the same bodysuit as C.C. does for the most part of Code Geass R1.


Not much is known about Kanna's past other than she gave birth to a girl named Tia, and that she was living in Indonesia for the first years of Tia's life.

She is killed when she tries to escape with Tia from the Geass City in Indonesia.


As the former Guardian of the Miko Crystal, Kanna has the ability to sense of the Crystal is in danger as well as the typical priestess like Purification and Sacred Arrows, although it is never hinted that she used these powers.

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