Project KnightmareEdit

Project Knightmare is a company run by a masked man named Zero. This company is reponsible for creating the very popular arcade game, Knightmare Battle!

Administrator DivisionEdit

The Administrator Division is a group of people that constantly monitor the game and keep order. They are also sent out against any threats to the game such as hackers or modders. They are also occasionally sent out against candidates for special custom knigthmare frames to test their skill.


  • Cornelia Lithuania
  • Andreas Darlton
  • Gilbert G.P. Guildford
  • Jeremiah Gottwald

Beta Tester DivisionEdit

The Beta Tester Division is responsible for testing out any and all experimental and prototype knightmare frames whether it be via sparring, simulations, and tests that push the knightmares to their limits. They also experiment with any and all weaponry used by the knightmares.


  • Rolo Haliburton
  • Castor Ruina
  • Pollux Ruina
  • Rai Sumeragi
  • Raiko Sumeragi

Development DivisionEdit

The Development Division is responsible for coding and finalizing any and all aspects related to the game and it's knightmare frames. Due to the large amount of work creating custom knightmares within this division, this division is the largest out of the entire company.


  • Lloyd Asplund
  • Anna Clement
  • Rackshata Chawla
  • Cecile Croomy
  • Marie Lubie
  • Kate Novak
  • Ferilli Paltrow
  • Sophie Randall
  • Joe Weiss

Intelligence DivisionEdit

The Intelligence Division is responsible for finding out any and all information that is important to the company and the game. They also release different data reports on behalf of the company and they also give reports to the CEO about the status and progress of the company.


  • Villetta Nu
  • Diethard Reid
  • Sayoko Shinozaki

Irregular DivisionEdit

The Irregular Division is a separate division made specifically for the group, The Irregulars. This division gives the group plenty of support as well as upgrades to their specially made knightmares.


  • Alice Eleria
  • Dalque Eleria
  • Lucretia Eleria
  • Sancia Eleria

Ragnarok DivisionEdit

The Ragnarok Division of the company is a secret given only to a small few. This division is responsible for the usage of the Ragnarok Drive and the Ragnarok Connection. This division is how Zero progresses his K-Plan.


  • Dash "Zero" Lamperouge
  • Jeremiah Gottwald
  • Lloyd Asplund

Third Party Development ProgramEdit

The Third Party Development Program is a program initiated by Project Knightmare as a way of forming partnerships with other companies in exchange of hefty donations to the company. This is the main way that Project Knightmare has made it's money. Thanks to these partnerships, more and more custom knightmares have been made with more groups being formed so these companies can have sponsorships in the Knightmare Battle Tournament!.

Partner CompaniesEdit

  • Clement Enterprises
  • Steiner Industries
  • Sumeragi Corporation
  • Weinberg Association


  • Anna Clement
  • Schneizel Eleria
  • Shin Hyuga Shaingu
  • Leonhardt Steiner
  • Futaba Sumeragi
  • BIsmarck Waldstein
  • Andreas Weinberg
  • Li Xingke
  • Oiaguro Zevon

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