Overview Edit

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History Edit

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Knightmare Frames ListEdit

The Order of the Dark KnightsEdit

  • Type-3F Gekka
  • Type-3F/C Gekka Custom
  • Type-10R Burai
  • Type-11/5G Raikou
  • RPI-13 Sutherland
  • RPI-11 Glasgow

The Holy Britannian EmpireEdit

  • Z-01 Lancelot
  • Z-01/A Lancelot Air Cavalry
  • IFX-V301 Gawain
  • RPI-00/SC Gloucester Cornelia Unit
  • RPI-209 Gloucester
  • RPI-13 Sutherland
  • RMI-13 Portman
  • RPI-11 Glasgow
  • RPI-11 Knightpolice
  • FXF-503Y Seigfried

The Japan Liberation FrontEdit

  • Type-1R Burai Kai
  • Type-10R Burai
  • Type-11/5G Raikou

The Chinese EmpireEdit

  • TQ-19 Gun-Ru

The Middle Eastern FederationEdit

  • R-04 Bamides

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