Personal email messages in Camelot Database Edit

"My dear Cecile, recent developments in Area 11 and from the Black Knights have made it clear that development of our Knightmare Frames must be stepped up.

Rakshata's recent showing of her new machines and Gefjun Disturber is most troubling. We must not allow that woman to outdo us dear Cecile, her creations of abominations must never be any match for ours.

Schneizel has granted us more funding to continue our work on the Lancelots, we will show Crawla just who's the superior scientist minds yet.

She and the rest of her flock won't even know what hit them.

Lloyld Asplund Chief Engineer of Camelot"

Lancelot Details Edit

Z-01 Lancelot, named after the Knight of the Round Table, is an experimental Knightmare frame developed by Lloyd Asplund and the Military Engineering Corps. It is also the first seventh generation Knightmare Frame ever created. The Lancelot outperforms most other models thanks to the heavy amount of Sakuradite scattered throughout its frame as well as in its Yggdrasil Drive, the Core Luminous. Its pilot is Suzaku Kururugi.

Design and DevelopmentEdit

As a high-performance unit, the Lancelot features a large number of experimental and innovative devices not yet found on its predecessors. The Lancelot features two
Z-01D Lancelot Conquista

The proposed Z-01 Lancelot upgrades

retractable Factspheres affixed on its chest, two forearm-mounted beam shields (Blaze Luminous), and four Slash Harkens (two on its wrists and two on its hips). These Slash Harkens have experimental thrusters called Harken Boosters which can improve their speed and allow them to change direction mid-flight. It also sports a pair of Maser Vibration Swords (MVS), which oscillate at a high rate to cut through almost anything. It comes equipped with a Varis particle rifle (Variable Ammunition Repulsion Impact Spitfire) which can adapt its projectile repulsion output to any situation. Later on in 2017 a.t.b. the Lancelot is to be given the first prototype float system which will allow Knightmares to fight and fly in the air.

"Schneizel has expressed his own personal interest in the Floating systems capabilities Cecile, all your years of work are about to come to fruition." - Lloyd Asplund's recording notes.

This Lancelot will have an additional three energy shields on its legs and chest. The leg shields increase the effectiveness of its kicks. It also would have four secondary emitters on the chest which can form the "Core Luminous Cone", a conical barrier that allow the extension several feet ahead of the Lancelot, as opposed to the flat nature of normal shielding.

Operational HistoryEdit

Still in development

Shinjuku Ghetto Skirmish-

Purist Faction breakout-

Lake Kawaguchi-

Narita Mountains-

Tokyo Ports-

Aiko Ghettos-

Choufu Base-

Shikine Island Incident-


  • x4 Slash Harkens
  • x2 MVS Swords
  • x1 Varis Rifle
  • x1 Proposed Hadron Cannon to be attached.

Design FeaturesEdit

  • Blaze Luminous System
  • Factsphere Sensors
  • Landspinner Propulsion System
  • Float System (to be tested along with the Lancelot Club)

Personal email messages in Camelot Database Edit

"Lloyd must I give you another lesson in proper etiquette when addressing the royal family in all matters and forms? Lacking either in electrical, verbal or physical communication is not an excuse nor loophole for you to abuse. You wouldn't want another clip around the ear lobe would you?

Nevertheless, you are correct that we must not be beaten by Rakshata's designs in any way possible. Regardless of what tidings we had with her at Colchester . ...I still fondly remember all the time's we did the rounds in Pendragon's canal street district. ... Some of the things we did there... I will never forget.

But... that was then... and this is now, she has chosen her side and we have chosen ours. Our Lancelots will continue to be advanced until the point where we will outmatch anything she throws at us.

Good about Prince Schneizel providing us with more funds, this and the matter Dame Enneagram contacted us about. Means we can put into effect a good number of our College days thesis and designs. The technology has reached the point where this is feasible.

With me now managing the funds of our unit, we will have no issues in manufacturing and building the upgrades and future units of the Lancelot units.

Which means Lloyd you will by first degree install actual ejector seats into every single Knightmare unit we work on.

You will not start work on anything else until this task is abided by you Lloyd.

...No Exceptions...

... I can't wait to see if my grand designs for the floating system can finally bear fruit... the energy wings I know for sure will have so much more potential than everything else we have ever done.

Cecile Croomy, Co-Chief Engineer of the Advanced Special Envoy Engineering Corps and financial administrator.

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