Leo Estland
Full Name Leonerd Estland
Nicknames Leo
Aliases Europe's Red Devil
Age 20
Date of birth a.t.b. 1998 ABY
Height 6'0"
Blood Type A
Nationality European
Known relatives Unnamed Male Estland (father)

Unnamed Female Estland (mother)
Unnamed Siblings


European Universe
European Empire

Additional Information
Title Lord Estland

Baron Estland

Rank Lieutenant

High Admiral
Supreme Commander

Knightmare Frames
Erste Unit 2


Real World
First appearance Chapter 1
Voiced by
  • Kouichi Toochika (Japanese)
  • Sean Schemmel (English)
Other Information
See: Estland Noble family

Leonerd Estland was the eldest son of the Estland German Noble family and they owned a large conglomerate of weapon production corporations, even though he was expected to become a part of the family business he instead went on to join the German military elements in the European Universe, he became close friends of the banished Britannian Prince Wilhelm Nietzsche and supported him in his rise to militaristic and political power. He is a major character in the Also sprach Zarathustra series.


Personality and traitsEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit


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