The main protagonist of The Power of the Queens . She is Lelouch and Kallen's daughter, having been conceived during Lelouch's days as Zero, and being born prematurely a few months after his death. She is three quarters Britannian, and one quarter Japanese. She goes by the alias "Liana Leicester" while at Ashford, and "Liana Lamperouge" while at home. While no one is aware of her true identity, she is the 1st Princess of Britannia, and the rightful heir to Lelouch's throne.


Liana can be aptly described as being a female version of Lelouch, her father, baring a very close resemblance to him. She has long, dark hair, pale skin, and deep violet eyes. However, to conceal her identity, Liana wears blonde hair dye, and brown eye contacts.


Liana is generally a sarcastic, yet kind girl. Like her father, she has a calm attitude, but can be easily, and quickly annoyed with C.C.. Liana seems to hold her father in high regard, and becomes hurt when people badmouth him in her presence. She has a vested interest in Knightmare frames, which stems from her blood ties to Kallen and Marianne (her mother, and paternal grandmother respectively). Liana also sees herself as being bonded with the Guren, whose crash caused her premature birth, so much so that when witnessing it in anyway, she sometimes goes into a trance.

While she identifies as Britannian, she acknowledges and appreciates her Japanese heritage. Like her mother, Liana is somewhat rebellious, and doesn't seem to take school that seriously, actually considering skipping it entirely. She seems to have relatively little patience for some, seen when she puts down a pizza man, and actually lies to him when he tries to ask her out. Liana has a cleaning OCD, which was developed from the fact that C.C. is very disorganized, and messy. She can also be somewhat paranoid at times, and can go to great, sometimes uncessary lengths to keep her identity a secret.

Liana is fully aware of the people's viewpoints on her father, and has to make efforts to conceal her identity, knowing the stigma she would have to bare if she didn't. Despite being Lelouch's only child, and thus, the rightful heir to the throne, she has no ambitions for it, and seems pleased with what her current life is.


  • C.C.: C.C. essentially served as a foster mother for Liana in the girl's early years. Despite C.C.'s generally apathetic attitude, she cares deeply for Liana, and took great efforts to keep her safe. Liana for her own, cares for C.C., and seeks to fulfill the contract that her father could not.
  • Lelouch vi Britannia: Even though Liana never knew her father, who died five months before she was even born, Liana holds great respect for him, and is proud of being his daughter. She gets easily offended whenever he is invoked as the "Demon Emperor", and always finds it uncomfortable whenever he's discussed.
  • Kallen Kozuki: Kallen does not know her daughter is even still alive, believing that she miscarried when the Guren crashed. To that end, while Liana may have seen her on TV, she's never met her mother in person. Despite that, Liana still feels a bond to Kallen, and is more than willing to invoke her Japanese blood through her.


Liana was born five months after Lelouch's death, when Kallen crashed the Guren (while being 8 months pregnant), the doctors having to perform a caeserian as Kallen fell into a coma. According to C.C., when Liana opened her eyes, the doctors deduced her heritage, and attempted to end her life there, but C.C. managed to save Liana, and hide her away. Liana grew up fully aware of her parentage, but also being forced to hide her true identiy from others.


In many respects, Liana's abilities are a near pefect marriage of those of her parents. According to C.C., Liana's intelligence is on a genius level; causing her to actually skip a grade in school. Liana also has a very good memory, capable of memorizing anything relatively easily. She will even claim that she can subconciously remember her time in her mother's womb.


Liana possess ability, the Power of Absolute Conviction. Its power is to for Liana to,simply put, convince someone of anything. It is comparable to her father's Geass, the primary difference being that it can be used unlimited times on the same person; "unlimited" as Liana puts it. However, the fatal flaw is that it feeds off her life force, shortening her life expectancy slightly whenever she uses it.

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