"The Lancer performs quite similar to the original Guren Mark-II then even the Akatsuki or the older Gekka..."
―Kallen Kozuki, after first field test of the Lancer Prototype
Type-05A Lancer
[[Image:Gekka Custom|250px]]
In Prototype Roll-Out Colors
Unit type Eighth Generation Knightmare Frame
Model number Type-05A
Codename Lancer
Manufacturer Morgenroete Heavy Industries
Primary users Kingdom of Orb - Orb Self Defense Forces
Status Active
Developed from Type-05A Akatsuki
Known Pilots
Lady Kallen Kouzki
Knight Akito Hyuga
Knight Commander Rai Sumeragi
Various Others
The MBF-07A Lancer is the primary knightmare frame of the Kingdom of Orb and its Defense Forces for the events of the Divergence Point series of fanfictions. It is heavily based on both the earlier Gekka Knightmare Frames from the First Black Rebellion and the newer Akatsuki Knightmare Frames with some elements from the European Union Alexander Series Knightmare Frames.


The MBF-07A Lancer, thanks in part to it being based on the Black Knight Akatsuki Series of Frames, looks quite similar to both the Gekka and the Akatsuki Knightmare Frames. The only difference is the arms which are heavily based on the arms used by the Alexander Series of Knightmare Frames used by the European Union. The current paint job of the Lancer is due to the test pilot of the first prototype was the Red Dragoness herself Kallen Kozuki which stuck with the production type soon after testing was finished on the prototype and mass production began. However there is some talk about changing it to a more soothing white and light gray paint-job.


A brand new Knightmare design that is developed for the Orb Self Defense Forces, and draws heavily on the Black Knight Akatsuki series of Knightmare Frames, as well as the European Union's Sixth Generation Limited Produced Alexander Series. Like its fellow mass produced Eighth Generation Frames it has been tuned down heavily for from the original prototypes allowing regular pilots. However it is said that the Lancer performs quite close to the original form of the Guren Mark-II then even the Akatsuki when in the right hands. It is quite superior over the older knightmares like the Sutherland, the Burai and even the Alexander Series. Overall the Lancer is the middle-child of the current three mass produced Eighth Generation Knightmare Frames, with the Type-05A Akatsuki just slightly better on paper but superior over the Britannian RPI-212B Vincent Ward. This doesn’t include the so-called ace-level frames like the Type-05S Akatsuki Command Type or the Type-04T Zangetsu of the UFN, or the RPI-212A Vincent Commander or RPI-V4I Gareth of the Britannian Empire.


Handheld WeaponsEdit

Type-A12E Anti-Knightmare Radiant Lance

First developed by Rakshata Chawla at the request of a few former Britannian or European Knightmare pilots along the new Knights of Zero. Basically an improvement on the Radiant Wave Missiles equipped to the Akatsuki series Knightmares, just scaled up to fit into a Lance sized weapon. It has since become a favorite of many different former Britannian pilots in the Orb Self Defense Forces, who use it alongside the Type-A18 Shotgun. It is also normally equipped by the MBF-08S Halberd Knightmare Frames used by the Royal Knights of Orb.

Type-A14 20mm Assault Rifle

A new rifle design developed by Morgenroete entirely for the Lancer, and is heavily based on several designs including the Britannian KMF-W5 standard Knightmare Rifle. It is equipped with a Type-A6 Grenade Launcher which sports a three-grenade clip. There is also a ceremonial variant, the Type-A14C, of the design built for the use of parades, ceremonies, and such.

Type-A16 35mm Heavy Assault Rifle

An heavier version of the Type-A14 and is used for heavy combat against heavier Knightmares or direct anti-ship combat. Really only used by Lancer units equipped for anti-ship combat alongside the Type-A25 Bazooka. However some Lancer pilots prefer the Type-A16 over the regular A14 rifle for its heavier punch, even then this is very rare.

Type-A18 Anti-Knightmare 30mm Shotgun

A new close-range weapon developed at the request of the former W-0 Unit pilot  Major Sousuke Sagara who happens to be a close-range expert. Other users of this weapon are former Britannian pilots who use this weapon in conjunction with their Radiant Lances, or other close-range experts.

Type-A20 Anti-Knightmare 30mm Sniper Rifle

A specially created weapon for the use of sniper-trained pilots like former EU pilots Kurz Weber, and Sasha Yeen. This rifle is special in that it can hit a target several miles away, and can be as small as a deck of cards. It is usually equipped to MBF-07E Lancer Scout Types as it primary weapon.

Type-A25 65mm Bazooka

A heavy attack weapon for heavy anti-knightmare or anti-ship combat. Can fire several different shells as needed including Flash Shells, Cluster Rounds, or regular explosive rounds.

Fixed WeaponsEdit

Type-C9E Anti-Knightmare Monomolecular Cutter

The primary close-combat weapon of the Lancer and sports a very fine monowire along the edge of the blade making it sharp enough to cut through Knightmare armor. This makes it cheaper to produce then the Japanese Chainsaw blades of the UFN Akatsuki series, or the MVS Swords from the various Britannian Knightmares. When not in use it can be stored in a forearm storage stealth.

Type-A2 Slash Harkens

A slight different version of the Hien Souga-type Slash Harkens equipped to the Akatsuki but with it slightly based on the Slash Harkens used by the Shen Hu. The Lancer also sports an extra Slash Harken over the Akatsuki thanks to these being slightly smaller then the Hien Souga Type.

Optional Fixed WeaponsEdit

Type-C10 Anti-Knightmare Sword

A larger version of the Type-C9E Cutter that has a longer, slightly thicker, monowire along the edge of sword and can be mounted onto the waist of the Knightmare in a dedicated sheath. While it is useful it is not normally used by regular Lancers instead mainly used by Lancer Command Types.

Type-M4A Missile Launchers

A direct clone of the Britannian developed KMF-W4A2 "Sattel Waffen" Missile Launchers that can be mounted on the shoulders of the Lancer. The paired launchers each sport three missile-tubes which can fire Type-MT1 Anti-Knightmare Missiles or larger Type-MT2. These launchers are often equipped when heavy combat is needed, like against enemy bases or ship. It should be noted however that these launchers cannot be equipped when the Lancer has a Type-F3D Air Glide Wing Backpack Equipped instead needing to rely on the optional Type-M5E launchers that can be mounted on the backpack.

Type-A15/S3 Offensive Shield System

A new weapon system that can be equipped to the forearm of the Lancer and is basically a small shield with a fixed Type-A15 25mm Gatling Cannon built into the shield. The does not just support the weapon but sports a large ammo magazine built into the underside of the shield able to keep the cannon firing for several minutes before becoming empty.

Type-A26 75mm Cannon

Basically a larger version of the Type-A25 Bazooka that can be mounted along the arm for support. It is usually equipped for heavy combat for against enemy bases or ships. When this weapon is equipped along with the Type-M4A Launchers a Lancer would be titled MBF-07H Lancer Heavy Weapons Type.

Type-A11 20mm Arm-Mounted Gun

A Orb-developed clone of the Black Knight Type-05A1 Single-Barrel Mounted Gun that can be equipped to either arm of the Lancer if needed. Thanks to it being smaller then the Type-05A1 it can used as a backup weapon if a Lancer loses its rifle or it is destroyed during a battle. It can also be used as a close-in defense weapon for use against missiles or rockets.

System FeaturesEdit

Type-F3D Air Glide Wing Backpack

An improved version of the Black Knight developed Type-F2D Air Glide System Backpack and looks quite similar however the F3D Backpack is designed to from the start to be mounted with a pair of either missile launchers or rocket pods in between the two sets of wings. The F3D also possesses better stability and performance due to the wing sets being a meter further apart.

Type-M2A Landspinner Mobility Package

A new landspinner system based heavily on the Alexander's Mark-7A Landspinner System which gives the Lancer slightly improved mobility on the ground when in use. It is also designed from the start to work with the Type-F3D Air Glide Wing Backpack basically easily switching between air combat and ground combat modes.

Type-E2B Mono-Eye Sensor Camera

An improved version of the Type-E2A Sensor Unit mounted on the Akatsuki series of Knightmares and sports integrated factsphere like sensors that was first introduced with the Gekka's Type-E1A Sensor System. Therefore it possesses superior tracking capibilty and narrowed focus.


MBF-07A/F3D Lancer Flight TypeEdit

Not really a variant but just the basic Lancer equipped with the Type-F3D Air Glide System which is an improved version of the Black Knight standard Type-F2D and can be equipped with a pair of Type-M5E Three-Tube Missile Launchers or Type-M7E Seven-Tube Rocket Launchers on the wings of the Air Wing System.

MBF-07S Lancer CommanderEdit

The Lancer version of the Akatsuki Command Type and is therefore used by not only Orb Commanders but ace level pilots as well and looks a bit different from the regular Lancer mostly with the arms which now look similar to those on the Akatsuki allowing the use of arm-mounted weapons like the Akatsuki along with regular handheld weapons if needed.

MBF-07U Sea LancerEdit

A variant developed by Morgenroete for underwater combat and therefore equipped with a newly developed scale system which allows a Knightmare Frame to easily maneuver underwater. However the Scale System has only one weakness it can only be used for combat in littoral zones or close to the surface.

MBF-07E Lancer Scout TypeEdit

A special variant that is design for long-range sniper combat along with the secondary duty of scout duty. It is also equipped with a perfected ECS-Cloak System which allow to quite easy to sneak around when required. Therefore these units are used by Orb highly trained Mobile Scout Sniper Units the special operations force of the OSDF.

MBF-08A Halberd Edit

Main Article: MBF-08A Halberd

Not really a variant but a Hybrid of Lancer and Akatsuki Commander Type due to being rebuilt versions of Akatsuki Command Types using data drawn from both the Lancer and the Mk6-W1W0 Alexander of the EU. Therefore while similar to the Lancer in appearance is a bit different beast.


When the Kingdom of Orb was founded in late 2018 a.t.b and its self-defense forces were formed it would require a dedicated knightmare frame unit to serve as its main unit. Initially the plan was too simply to make their own version of the UFN/Black Knight Akatsuki Frame however this was thrown out when talks started between the Kingdom and the UFN which would prevent this from happening. Therefore Orb would have to draw up their own Knightmare design for production. Even then the resulting knightmare would still be heavily based on the Akatsuki and its variants. The result would be the new MBF-07A Lancer developed by the newly organized Morgenroete Industries.

Overall the Lancer is similar in performance to the Akatsuki it is slightly based on but sports a full array of different hand-held weapons instead of the fore-arm mounted weapons of the Akatsuki though it can still be able to equip fore-arm mounted weapons if needed though it is quite rare for it do so. Even then these handheld weapons are mainly based on the KMF Series of weapons developed for the Britannian knightmare frames like the Sutherland. This gives the Lancer superior modular nature over the Akatsuki able to be loaded for several different missions from anti-knightmare combat to attacking enemy bases or ships.

Overall the Lancer is quite a good knightmare frame that would remain in service for several years through the Third Great War and everything that lead up to it. It would serve the Orb Self Defense Forces quite well during this time both in the air, under the ocean, and on the ground itself.

Trivia Edit

  • The MBF-07 Lancer is visually based on the Gekka Custom from Code Geass: Oz the Reflection Photo Novel which I have made it into a new Knightmare based on the Akatsuki instead of just a customized Gekka.
  • The model-number prefix can be expanded to mean Morgenroete Battle Frame-07 which is a nod to the company which created the Lancer Morgenroete Heavy Industries. As well as a nod to Gundam SEED and the Orb Union's Morgenroete Incorporated which has its mobile suit model numbers with that prefix.
  • The idea of the prototype being painted in the colors of its pilot which then leads to the production model getting the same colors is from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam where the RMS-099 Rick Dias is at first painted in a black and dark gray paint-job before a new paint-job is given to the machine based on the colors of the pilot who had first test-piloted it.

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