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Her Cameo in the Fanfic TV Series

Melissabeth di Britannia
Full Name Melissabeth di Britannia
Nicknames Melliebeth
Aliases "Peace of the Land"
Age 15(Portrait of Despair)

16(Harmony of Ruin)

Date of birth a.t.b. July 12,55(C.E.)
Height 185 cm
Weight 46 kg
Blood Type A
Nationality Britannian

Holy Britannian Empire
Ashford Academy
Knights of Round

Additional Information
Rank Knight
Knightmare Frames
CB-003 Justice
Real World
First appearance Page 1(Manga only)
Last appearance Page 1000(Manga only)
Created by Ruri Tenpouin
Voiced by Yukana(JAP)

Michelle Ruff(ENG)

Other Information
Universe: Cosmic Era
Melissabeth di Britannia(メリッサベス·ディ·ブリタニア/Merissabesu· di· buritania) is a Fictional Character in the Manga Series Code Geass: Portrait of Despair - Advent Child.

Code Geass: Portrait of Despair - Advent ChildEdit

Code Geass: Portrait of DespairEdit

Her Cameo is in Episode 1.

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