The Minerva-class battleship is the European counterpart the of the Avalon-class Air Fleet Battleship employed by the Holy Britannian Empire and the Ikaruga-class Air Fleet Battleship used by the Order of the Black Knights and most members of the United Federation of Nations. The member-states in the E.U. with the most type of ship are Germany, Great Britain, and France. They are under the Airforce branch of the EUDAF.

Sky MarshalEdit

While Minerva battleships are organized as fleets, instead of being referred to as admirals, leaders of fleets of Minerva battleships are referred to as Sky Marshals. The Supreme Chancellor also keeps his own fleet of Minerva-class battleships. They are employed by the Chancellor under his personal force known as the Griffin Legion. For this, the Supreme Chancellor is also referred to as the Grand Sky Marshal.

Known ShipsEdit

  • Seraphim: Flagship of the Griffin Legion
  • Hermes
  • Dominion
  • Jupiter
  • Mjolnir
  • Erelim
  • Hretha

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