955511-575653 helicarrier super super


A Carrier-Type Aerial Ship presently seen within Maximillion's personal Fleet, potentially it is the second largest type of ship within his fleet and is based on launching ally forces as quickly as possible within a battle, it however has a number of weapons in which to fight against enemy ships and Knightmare Frames.


Montgomery-Class Aerial Attack CarrierEdit


  • 2.02 kilometers Long


  • 900 Meters Wide


  • 400 (at the bridge area) High

Unit type:Edit

  • Heavy Destroyer/Dreadnought

Design Brainchild:Edit

Contracted Shipyard:Edit

  • Panama Naval Base


  • 18x CIWS
  • 22x Anti-Air Cannon
  • 10x Anti-Ship Cannon
  • 40x Missile Launchers


  • Zeus high Particle drive, a system in the near rear of the ship that uses a charge from radiation to create energy and also circulate it with usage from the Blooming effect of Large Gefjun Disturber System and the energy absorbing field created by Thomas Harvey
  • Fenrir High Speed Booster engine, a speed increasing device that can triple the ship’s speed for long distance travel, located at the domed area at the back of the ship
  • Powerful "Blaze Luminous" MSV particle Energy shield
  • Large Float System used for support with a few Verniers for speedy movement
  • At least 6x Linear catapult built into top and main body of the Ship
  • Neo-Druid system analysis complex
  • Optical Camouflage System
  • Large Gefjun Disturber System

Knightmare Frame Complement:Edit

  • ?x MP-01 Meliant
  • ?x MP-02 Meliant Metros


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