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Full Name Currently unknown

Age unknown
Date of birth a.t.b. unknown (at least before 2000 a.t.b)
Real World
Created by NSBleach00
"Now, It's time to bury the truth forever along with your family's legacy"
―The man in shadow possibly speaking to Rai in his nightmares

Huge Spoiler below do not read below if you haven't read the fic. Edit

Real name unknown this character may or may not be the main or one of the antagonist in Code Geass Colorless Memories  who appears to be working towards an unknown agenda of their own.


Real name, identity, looks etc. are unknown as this individual has a very vague appearance, with the only visible elements a Black Leather mask and battle outfit. With only their hand being physically seen thus far, with it glowing brightly red according to our eye witness.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Powers and Abilities Edit


Rai Edit

Thus far the shadow figure was apparently sighted at the Battle of Narita, possibly stalking the Black Knight individual known only as Rai.


Quotes of the person in question Edit

IMG 20140103 133221-0

Only Known image of the individual in question wielding what seems to be two duelling sword


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