Nikolay Kerensky (TRoT)
Full Name Nikolay Keresnky

Age 19
Nationality Russian

Russian Federation

Nikolay Kerensky is a young Russian General serving in the armed forces in the Eastern providences near the Chinese Federation and Britannia's Area 11. 


A small young man at the age of nineteen with golden blonde hair and gray eyes. His skin is a sickly pale and he is known for slouching forward, not helping with his Napoleon Complex. When not in combat, he wears the standard issued Russian Uniform with a russet-colored military trench coat.

Personality and traitsEdit




Being trained by his adopted father who is retired member of Spetsnaz forces, Nikolay is a highly skilled fighter in close range combat. Due to Russia's lack of an official Knightmare program, Nikolay has little experience in piloting knightmare.


Being one of the top Generals of the Russian State, he is a gifted tactician and is able to deal with the many changes that happen on the battlefield within minutes after they happen.



Anastasia KerenskyEdit





Early LifeEdit

He has an obscured background, but he was taken under the wing of a general at the age of six and was placed in formal military training at the age of ten.

The Second Russo-Sino WarEdit


Quotes by NikolayEdit


Quotes About NikolayEdit


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