This is a list of themes in the Wings of Freedom.

General ThemesEdit



Main CharactersEdit

  1. Lelouch Lamperouge:
  2. Kururugi Suzaku:
  3. C.C.:
  4. Kallen Kozuki:
  5. Nunnully Lamperouge:


  1. Oghi Kaname:
  2. Kyoshiro Todo:
  3. Rakshata Chawla:
  4. Reid Deithard:
  5. Jeremiah Gottwald:
  6. Sayoko Shinozaki:
  7. Shirley Fenette:
  8. Charles zi Britannia:
  9. Marianne vi Britannia:
  10. Cornelia vi Britannia:
  11. Euphemia li Britannia
  12. Schneizel el Britannia:
  13. Lloyd Asplund:
  14. Cecily Croomy:
  15. Viletta Nu:
  16. Andreas Darlton:
  17. Gilbert G.P Guilford:
  18. Milly Ashford:
  19. Nina Einstein:
  20. Kirihara Taizo:
  21. Sumeragi Kaguya:
  22. Mao:
  23. V.V.:


  1. The Order of Zarathustra:
  2. The Holy Britannian Empire:
  3. The Chinese Empire:
  4. The Middle Eastern Federation:
  5. The European Union:
  6. The Ashford Foundation:
  7. The Japan Liberation Front:
  8. The Six Houses of Kyoto:


  1. Knights of Chaos: Zero by Keiko Kobayashi - Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War OST
  2. Zero Squadron:
  3. The Four Holy Swords:
  4. Special Corps:
  5. Glaston Knights:
  6. Purist Faction:
  7. Code-R:
  8. Ashford Academy:
  9. Kozuki Group:

Episode Themes Edit

Coming Soon.

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