"This new terrorist Knightmare, the Savage, looks quite like an ugly duck when compared to say a Lancer or even an older Sutherland. However, this doesn't stop it from being a threat to you, your buddies fighting alongside you, your family, and to this small nation of ours. So don't underestimate it!"
―Knight Commander of Orb Rai Adonis, during a Guest Speaker Event at the Royal Military Training Academy
The RK-92 Savage is a Sixth Generation Knightmare Frame developed entirely by the Peace Mark Terrorist Group for their own purposes, it has since become their main Knightmare unit for their own forces along with the forces of their associated groups.

Appearance Edit

The Savage does not look like much when compared to the far more advanced looking Knightmare Frames of Britannia, Black Knights, and Orb. In fact, it could be said that it looks like an ugly duck compared to the sleek looking Knightmares like the RPI-212B Vincent Ward of Britannia and the Type-05A Akatsuki of Black Knights.

It is often painted in a basic tan/light brown paint job but it is sometimes painted in other colors depending on pilot preference or mission requirements including camouflage colors when required.

Design Edit

The overall design of the Savage serves only one purpose and that is to be cheap and easy to produce in large numbers. Therefore, unlike the Eighth Generation Mass Produced Knightmares like the Akatsuki or the Lancer, it possesses only a very small amount of sakuradite laced into its inner frame which does keep its overall price down to a third of what a single Eighth Generation Knightmare costs. Even then this cheap nature doesn't stop it from being slightly superior over older Fifth Generation Knightmare Frame like the Sutherland, on paper.

Unlike other Knightmare Frames the Savage is not commonly equipped with Slash Harkens nor does it sport Landspinners. This is on purpose to keep the price down and also thanks to this the Savage doesn't sport any weapons that have entirely developed for it. Instead, it can use a variety of different weapons that had originally developed for other Knightmares. In fact, its Operating System is purposely developed to allow this and sports numerous options for a variety of different handheld weapons. Though normally a Peace Mark operated Savage would be equipped with a KMF-W6A1 Heavy Assault Rifle from a Sutherland and a KaH200 Anti-Armor Knife from a Mk5-C3C5 Mistral. Though other weapon combinations can also be used depending on pilot preference and weapon availability.

All in all, this knightmare frame is built from the ground up to be a cheap unit that can be used in swarm-like tactics. Perfect for the Peace Mark Terrorist Group and its goals.

Armaments Edit

KMF-W6A1 35mm Heavy Assault Rifle

This is one of the weapons often used by the Savage and is basically the same weapon as that is still in common use by Britannia for their RPI-14 Sutherland II and RPI-212B Vincent Wards. Though, thanks to this Peace Mark only has around a few dozen of these rifles in their possession. Therefore, it is often used when advanced Knightmares are expected to be encountered.

KMF-W4A3 25mm Assault Rifle

Another common weapon used by the Savage thanks in part to how many had been produced over the years since the introduction of the Sutherland. It is one of the favorites of Savage pilots thanks to this alongside the Type-10/AR1 and the larger KMF-W6A1.

Type-10/AR1 20mm Assault Rifle

Thanks to having a close relationship with the now defunct Kyoto Group of Area 11 Peace Mark possesses numerous examples of this weapon which had once been the common weapon used by the Type-10 Burai during the course of the First Black Rebellion. Hence, Peace Mark operated Savages often use this weapon more so than any other weapon alongside the KMF-W4A3 Rifle which they also possess a large number of.

Type-10/AR3 25mm Assault Rifle

Due to a large number of these weapons produced to help equip the new Type-11 Black Burais of the Black Knight Reserve Forces across the Federation Peace Mark was able to get their hands on a few examples which their Savages sometimes use when required.

KaH200 Anti-Armor Knife

A weapon that had been first produced for the use of the Europia Union Mk5-C3C5 Mistral as a close-range weapon but never really was used by the Mistral for a variety of reasons. Hence, Peace Mark managed to purchase a large amount of these weapons under the table for the use of the Savage. Thanks to this it is often thought to be originally developed for the Savage by many.

Type-01A3 "Katen Yaibatou Type-III" Sword

It is unknown how Peace Mark managed to get their hands on this weapon but many Savages have been spotted with this weapon instead of the smaller KaH200 Knife.

System Features Edit

SF-E8 Long Range Sensor System

Like the rest of the Knightmare this sensor system is quite cheap and doesn't really have the power or precision of any other Knightmare based sensor system. It is however quite rugged and easy to use for the pilot.

SF-E5 Quad-Eye Sensor and Camera System

Based slightly on the KMF-E6 Quad-Eye Secondary Camera System on the Sutherland which is not as good as a Factsphere based camera system but still is good enough for general combat and targeting. This system is quite rugged in nature and can be even wacked by another knightmare and the system will still work.

Gen3 Highly Modular and Adaptable Operating System

Most likely one of the more advanced parts of the entire Savage is the modular and adaptable operating system it is equipped with. It is this Operating System that allows the Savage to use a variety of different weapons and equipment that were produced for other knightmares. Of course, the Operating System doesn't stop there for it also allows an easier time with piloting. Since being such a cheap unit piloting one can be problematic.

SA-T7 "Saladin" Aerial Transport Sled

Thanks to being to a cheap and compact design the Savage is not capable of equipping any type of Float Unit for aerial combat. Instead, both Peace Mark and Shadow Fox Industries would introduce the SA-T7 Saladin Aerial Transport Sled which is heavily based on the Britannia T4 Series Knightmare VTOL Transport, but different, for instead of just being a simple delivery machine for an attached Knightmare Frame the Saladin carries the Savage on its back while the Saladin itself is reasonable for flight while the Savage fights. It is not a perfect system for it is quite easy to knock off the Savage from a Saladin and the Saladin itself is not as maneuverable as a Float Unit equipped Knightmare. That said, it does allow the Savage to be used for aerial knightmare combat and Peace Mark does use it to a great effect.

History Edit

After the Battle for Kyushu, where Japanese Government-in-Exile sponsored Chinese Federation Forces invaded the island of Kyushu in 2017, the Chinese realized their TQ-19 Gun Ru Knightmares where vastly outdated compared to the newer Knightmares now in production. Therefore they would try once more to create their own Fifth Generation Knightmare: the TQ-25 Zhan Shi. However, like all other attempts before it the Zhan Shi prototypes failed to meet the expectations of the Chinese Federation Military.

Even then the failed Zhan Shi Prototype and data on the other failed Chinese prototypes would end up in the hands of the Peace Mark Terrorist Group. They would use this to produce their own Knightmare Frame: the Savage. To build these new Knightmares Peace Mark would contract newly organized Shadow Fox Industries located in South Africa to produce these Knightmares out of their repurposed former tank factory. A few months later Shadow Fox would deliver the first production run of the new Knightmare to the main Peace Mark base somewhere in Gobi Dessert.

The Savage is considered a Sixth Generation Design due to using a few elements from the various failed Chinese Prototypes. Thanks to this the Savage is not able to stand up against newer Knightmares like the Akatsuki, Vincent Series, or the Lancer. Their only strength against these Knightmares are pure numbers and how cheap they are to produce compared to the Eighth Generation Frames.

As a Knightmare Frame design, the Savage is basic in design and doesn’t sport the typical hunchback type cockpit block instead of going for an interior cockpit design, like the TQ-19 Gun Ru, which makes the Knightmare cheaper by far. The Savage also sports several cut-back measures in its design to make it cheap as possible including its armor and sensor systems. The one thing going for the design is that it is rugged and easy to repair, while its highly modular operating system allowed the use of almost any Knightmare weapons ever produced. All in all the design is not the best Knightmare in the world, but it is still a threat.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Heavily based on the RK-91/RK-92 Savage from the light novel and anime series: Full Metal Panic! I just made it smaller like other Knightmare Frames and redid its background story to make more sense in the world of Code Geass.