"The RK-92 Savage is one of the most ugly looking Knightmares in history, however even then it is still dangerous and it can still kill you..."
―- An Orb Knightmare Instructer
RK-92 Savage
Unit type Sixth Generation Knightmare Frame
Model number RK-92
Codename Savage
Manufacturer Shadow Fox Industries
Primary users Peacemark Terrorist Group
Associated Groups
Anti-Britannan Rebel Groups
Status Active
Developed from RK-91 Prototype
Developed into None
Variants None
Known Pilots
Real World
First appearance Code Geass: A New Path
Last appearance Code Geass: A Road To War
Designed by Developed by William R. Woods, based heavily on the RK-92 Savage from the Full Metal Panic Novels and Anime.
The RK-92 Savage is developed entirely by the Peacemark Terrorist Group for their own purposes, it has since become widespread and used by many throughout the world. It alongside the RPI-13 Sutherland has become the main terrorist and rebel Knightmare for many groups.

Brief Technical DataEdit

Rollout: Feburary, 2019 a.t.b
First deployment: March, 2019 a.t.b
Accommodation: pilot only, in enclosed cockpit in torso
Dimensions: 5.25 Meters Tall
Weight: 7764 Kilogram, fully combat loaded
Construction: Lightwieght Ceramic-Titanium Armor
Powerplant: energy filler, replaceable electrical cartridge, uses Yggdrasil drive superconductor transfer system, power output rating unknown
Equipment and design features:

  • SF-E3 Landspinner Mobility System
  • SF-E8 Sensor System, range unknown

Optional equipment and design features:

  • SF-E6 Parachute Backback

Fixed armaments:

  • 2 x BK-A1 Slash Harkens, built into forearms

Optional Fixed armaments:

  • BK-S3 Anti-Knightmare Knife

Optional hand armaments:

  • BK-440 25mm Assault Rifle
  • BK-800 30mm Anti-Knigtmare Rifle
  • BK-850 40mm Anti-Knightmare Sniper Rifle

Technical and Historical NotesEdit

After the Battle for Kyushu, were the Japanese Government-in-Exile sponsored Chinese Federation Forces invaded the island of Kyushu, the Chinese realized their TQ-19 Gun-Ru Knightmares where vastly outdated compared to the newer Knightmares now in production. Therefore they would try once more to create their own Fifth Generation Knightmare however sadly after several different prototypes the Chinese Military stopped the program.

However even then several of these failed designs would end up in the hands of the Peacemark Terrorist Group and they use them to create their own Knightmare Design, the Savage. To produce these Knightmares Peacemark would contract the newly organized Shadow Fox Industries located in South Africa to produce these Knightmares out of their repurposed former tank factory. A few months later Shadow Fox would deliver the first production run of the new Knightmare to the main Peacemark base somewhere in Gobi Dessert.

The Savage is considered a Sixth-Generation Design due to using a few elements from the various failed Chinese Prototypes. Thanks to this the Savage is not able to stand up against newer Knightmares like the Akatsuki, Vincent Series, or Katanas. Their only strength against these Knightmares are numbers and how cheap they are to produce compared to the Eighth Generation Frames. As a Knightmare design the Savage is basic in design and doesn’t sport the typical hunchback type cockpit block instead going for an interior cockpit design which makes the Knightmare cheaper by far. The Savage also sports several cut-back measures in its design to make it cheap as possible including its armor and sensor systems. The one thing going for the design is that its rugged and easy to repair along with its weapons are dependable. All in all the design is not the best Knightmare in the world, but it is still a threat.

Soon after their delivery Peacemark would launch several attacks throughout the world using these new Knightmares. These attacks were very succesful beside the small attack on the Orb claimed island of Ishan-Bur which was stopped cold by the nearby Orb Airship Division. Soon after Peacemark and other assoicated groups would use this Knightmares to great affect in their attacks. Some would even make into the hands of several anti-Britannian Rebel Groups throughout the world.

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