"The RPI-13 Sutherland is one of the reasons for the Knightmare Frame to become the king of the modern battlefield. It is thanks to this combat unit that Knightmares have since become so popular throughout the world..."
―Second Prince Schneizel El Britannia
In Standard Colors
General Characteristics
Model Number RPI-13
Codename Sutherland
Unit type Mass Produced Fifth Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Imperial Panzer Works
Operator Britannia Armed Forces (Royal Panzer Infantry)
Peacemark Terrorist Group
Dimensions overall height 4.24 meters
Weight 7350 Kilograms
Powerplant energy filler, replaceable electrical cartridge, uses YXG-3X Yggdrasil drive superconductor transfer system, power output rating unknown
Equipment and Design Features
KME-L3 Landspinner High-mobility Propulsion System
KME-F5 Factsphere
Fixed Armament
2 x KMF-W1 Slash Harkens
2 x KMF-W2 Stun Tonfas
Optional Armament
KMF-W5A2 25mm Assault Rifle
KMF-W6A1 35mm Heavy Assault Rifle
KMF-W8A2 60mm Cannon
KMF-W10A1 35mm Anti-Knightmare Sniper Rifle
KMF-L2 KMF-L3 Jousting Lance
KMF-L4 Advanced Anti-Knightmare Jousting Lance

The RPI-13 Sutherland had been the Knightmare that had really introduced the Knightmare to the world at large with it rapidly being deployed everywhere in the Britannian Empire. It was this unit that every single other world power tried to match. However sadly several years after its introduction the Sutherland is now set to be retired and all out replaced by the newer Eighth Generation Knightmare RPI-212B Vincent Ward, though it is continued service in other areas of the Empire along with many serving outside of the Empire in the hands of its enemies.


The RPI-13 Sutherland bears an appearance similar to that of the earlier RPI-11 Glasgow Knightmare just a bit more refined and advanced looking then the older frame. The normal color scheme for the Sutherland had been a light purple and black paint job with a few piloted by elite pilots retaining a custom scheme like those piloted by the Purebloods which sported red-painted shoulders on top of the regular paint scheme. Other custom schemes include a light gray and black paintjob used by Kaite Madigan a mercenary Knightmare pilot, a blue and black paintjob which is used by the mysterious Britannian Ace known as the Blue Baron, and the dark red, silver and black paintjob used by Sutherlands assigned to the Britannian Life Guards a division of the Britannian Royal Guard. However with the Sutherland on its way to becoming retired it has fallen into hands of numerous groups, as well as a redefining of its duties in the Empire itself has seen its appearance changing to better suite the needs of the Empire as it enters a third Great War.


The new RPI-13 Sutherland is developed soon after the successful use of the RPI-11 Glasgow during the Japanese Invasion. It would be designed and developed by the Imperial Panzer Works, a sub-division of the larger Imperial Group who improve the design across the board like it being designed from ground up to fight against enemy Knightmares instead of infantry or armor forces. This comes about after other nations starting programs to develop their own knightmare frames after the Glasgow proved itself during the Japanese Invasion.

Therefore it should no surprise Sutherland would remain as the premier Knightmare of the Britannian Armed Forces for several years till the introduction of the Eighth Generation RPI-212 Vincent Series a new Knightmare line using technology developed by the Camelot Project for the Seventh Generation Prototype Lancelot. The Sutherland has since become an obsolete machine overpowered by newer Eighth Generation Knightmares. However it still remains in service of the Empire in several other different roles.


Fixed ArmamentsEdit

  • KMF-W1 Slash Harkens
The Sutherland possesses two of these built into the chest flanking either side of the Knightmare's cockpit block. The Slash Harkens are the standard fixed armaments of any knightmare since the Ganymede Prototype and can be used as weapons or as anchors for non-combat purposes like anchoring to a building to climb it or to descend from a Knightmare VTOL like the T4 Series. As weapon though it can be quite a useful last ditch weapon when needed.
  • KMF-W2 Stun Tonfas
A new weapon first introduced by the Sutherland which gives the unit better close combat abilities which had been a bit lacking on the Glasgow. This is mainly to help fight against enemy-controlled knightmare frames. It also sports an integrated stun-gun which can be used to deliver a slight shock to an enemy knightmare which can then allow a Sutherland pilot to close-in for a kill.

Hand ArmamentsEdit

  • KMF-W5A2 25mm Assault Rifle
A basic assault rifle based on the earlier rile that had been first used by the Glasgow and is improved over the older rifle for the use of the Sutherland against enemy Knightmares. To do this it possess a larger round and a larger sakuradite-laced magnetic rail to make said round more powerful.
  • KMF-W6A1 35mm Heavy Assault Rifle
A larger rifle first developed to use against the far-more armored Panzer Series of Knightmares used by the European Union. To do this the Heavy Rifle sports a larger, heavier round along with an extended magazine and an under-slung grenade launcher. It however has since been in use by Sutherland units equipped for anti-ship combat during the Second Black Rebellion.
  • KMF-W8A2 60mm Cannon
An improvement over the older arm-mounted anti-armor cannon first used by the Glasgow and is improved vastly over the original for use against enemy knightmares and heavy armor along with anti-ship duties if needed.
  • KMF-W10A1 35mm Anti-Knightmare Sniper Rifle
A new weapon developed entirely for the Sutherland and the Gloucester for use against enemy knightmares from long range. The KMF-W10A1 uses the same round from the heavy KMF-W6A1 which is accelerated far faster due to the longer magnetic rails along the side of the weapon.
  • KMF-L3 Jousting Lance
First favored by one of the first organized Knightmare units, the 1st Royal Panzers "Flash Dancers" as its close-range weapon of choice. It has since become favored by several other units including those Sutherlands assigned to the Life Guards who used a more ornate lance due to their role as guard frames of the Imperial Palace of Pendragon.
  • KMF-L4 Advanced Anti-Knightmare Jousting Lance
A more advanced version of the above weapon that was developed with input from Second Princess Cornelia Li Britannia who was one who favored the older Lance. It was designed entirely for use against enemy Knightmares. This lance has since become the standard armament of her Royal Guard unit and her Glaston Knights Unit. Cornelia herself uses a larger, more powerful version of said weapon on her custom Gloucester. Therefore this weapon has since become a standard for Gloucesters but a few Sutherlands use this weapon.

System FeaturesEdit

  • KME-L3 Landspinner High-mobility Propulsion System
  • KME-F5 Factsphere Sensor System
  • FA/7 Float Unit Backpack
  • KME-B2 Parachute Backpack


RPI-14 Sutherland IIEdit

A heavily rebuilt version of the older Sutherland that is designed for use as a heavy attack unit and is equipped with KMF-W7A3 "Sattel Waffen-II" Fixed Missile Launchers on it shoulders and heavy armor all across its body. It usually carries a newer KMF-W8A3 60mm Cannon or KMF-W6A2 Heavy Assault Rifle. It has since been assigned to support positions in Knightmare units supporting Vincent Wards with heavy firepower.

RPI-13AF Sutherland Air Force TypeEdit

A new variant of the Sutherland that was basically a last gasp of the Sutherland and is designed for use of the Britannian Air Force on their Air Ships. It sports a lighter frame and an integrated float backpack similar to that of the new Gareth. However with the Vincent Ward quite capable of using the optional float unit this variant falls to the wayside though a few groups have managed to get their hands on several of these units.

RPI-13S Sutherland SniperEdit

A specially modified Sutherland equipped to be a sniper use Knightmare for both Anti-Knightmare and Anti-Ship combat. Can be equipped with various stealth features and sports dedicated sensor support equipment along with a brand-new KMF-W12A1 Advanced Anti-Knightmare Sniper Rifle.

LE-E108 Knightpolice IIEdit

For then a few of the older Sutherland Frames have been rebuilt into new Knightpolice II units in an effort to replace the aging Glasgow based Knightpolice Knightmares. It also sports several new features for duties in police units and knightmare-based crimes.

RPW-13 WorklandEdit

A Sutherland that is stripped of its military equipment and equipped as a civilian-use Knightmare Frame for non-combat duties. It is supposed to replace the old Springburn series of non-combat Frames that had been in use for the last several years.


A few years later the Sutherland has now been all out replaced by the new and superior RPI-212B Vincent Ward. The Sutherland like the Glasgow before has been removed from service in Britannian Knightmare formations. However the Sutherland has a new lease on life thanks to several greedy Britannian Nobles many Sutherlands have been sold off to unknown parties and are in frequent use by various terrorist forces that have sprung up since the end of the Second Black Rebellion. They become the standard Knightmare of choice for many terrorist groups around the world, and thanks to that several custom versions have been developed by several groups.

Even then the Empire hasn’t fully phased out the Sutherland and many have been re-purposed into new LE-E108 Knightpolice II units to replace the now obsolete original Knightpolice units. Other Sutherlands have been rebuilt into the larger Sutherland II Knightmares which become a heavy assault unit for the Britannian Forces. Another new variant introduced would be the Sutherland Sniper a unit customized for a sniper role. Therefore even out-shined and replaced by a superior Knightmare the Sutherland still keeps fighting on.


  • Due to the Divergence Point Series based after the general introduction of the Vincent Series and other Eighth Generation Knightmares this page is only for describing the role of the Sutherland in the age of superior Eighth Generation units.

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