Raphaela sue Britannia

Raphaela mir Britannia was the 9th Imperial Consort and mother of the 9th Princess, Luciella mir Britannia.


Raphaela, unlike the other imperial consorts, was kind to Marianne and her children. She is also the former pilot of Rosen Krone, her daughter having inherited her acrobatic skills. She is shown to be a very caring mother, raising Luciella as a proper princess and being her daughter's teacher so that the latter can improve her skills.


Raphaela has long blue hair that reaches down her upper thigh. Her eyes are violet-blue. She constanly wears long dresses with blue.


Raphaela is kind, gentle and caring. Many love her and respect her. Although, she is not emotionally strong. 


Little is known about her abilities. Unlike her daughter, she doen't posses the power of Geass.


Raphaela died during the Pendragon incident, being hit by the explosion while letting her half-children and her fellow imperial consorts escape. Luciella was devistated by the death of her mother, while her half-siblings comforted her.



Raphaela's full body

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