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Renya Kuro
Full Name
  • Renya Kuro
  • Jet Black Renya
  • Member of the Black Knights
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'09"
Weight 156.1 lbs
Race Japanese
  • None
Theme Song
Additional Information
  • Ashford Academy
  • Black Knights
  • CursedEye
Units Piloted
  • Type-10R Burai Experimental Radiant Wave Type

Renya Kuro is a character in Knightmare Battle Tournament and is a pilot for the Knightmare Battle Squadron, the Black Knights.


Renya has pale green eyes which usually give off an angry expression and he has wild brown hair which covers most of his face. He also wears traditional Japanese clothing, mainly a kimono, as his casual clothes.


Renya is a very dark and hositle person who is only kind to those he is close to, one of them being Claire Eleria. He is always hesitant whenever meeting new people and making new friends since he only views them as strangers, but is capable of acustoming to their presence.



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