Ryoma Sumeragi

The Lightning Blade

Ryoma Sumeragi
Full Name Ryoma Sumeragi
Nicknames Ryo
Elder Brother Ryoma
Aliases Kyoto's Shining Sword
Age 22 (R1)
23 (R2)
Date of birth a.t.b. May 1st
Height '5, 12" ft
Weight 61 kg
Nationality Japanese
Known relatives Kaguya Sumeragi (Younger Sister)
Suzaku Kururugi (Cousin)

Six Houses of Kyoto
Japan Liberation Front (Former)
Order of the Black Knights
The Four Holy Swords
United Federation of Nations

Additional Information
Rank Major
Knightmare Frames
Gekka Pre-Production Test Type
Modified Akatsuki
Real World
Created by DemonsAnarchy
Voiced by Matthew Mercer
"Knight of Seven, Suzaku Kururugi! You face Ryoma Sumeragi, of the Four Holy Swords! I challenge you, to single combat!"
―Ryoma Sumeragi
Ryoma Sumeragi is the older brother of Kaguya Sumeragi, and the head of the Six Houses of Kyoto, as well as a member of the Japan Liberation Front's Four Holy Swords, acting as Kyoshiro Tohdoh's second-in-command. He is a major character in the story, Code Geass: A Black Dawn on the Horizon, and the protagonist of the spin-off title, Code Geass: The Rising Sun.

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