The main antagonist of the story Ongoing. S.S. is an immortal, and regarded as among the first to possess Code, and the original founder of the Geass Directorate.


S.S. is a tall, well built man. He is bald, and has a face covered with scars. He has red, snake-like eyes. S.S. can be compared to a snake multiple times. His Geass symbol is located on his back, right at the top. He has long, skeletal fingers, and long legs.

In general, he resembles a man in his thirties.


S.S. is a cold, sinister man. He finds amusement in people's own personal vendettas, and enjoys encouraging them. He is also very deceptive, and is capable of deceiving even people like C.C. or Kallen. S.S. can be overconfident, and sometimes can lose his cool with ease.

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