General Characteristics
Model Number RZX-8SR
Codename Safir
Unit type Prototype Close Combat Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Britannic Defense Systems plc
Operator Holy Britannian Empire
Dimensions Overall Height: 4.46 meters
Weight Combat Weight: 6.75 metric tons
Powerplant Yggdrasil Drive (Mark V)
Equipment and Design Features
  • FSC8X Dual Factsphere Open Sensor Camera
  • EDC8X Dual-Eye Sensor Camera
  • ECR8X Multispectral Sensor System
  • LSP8X Landspinner Propulsion System
  • EVB8X "Blaze Luminous" MSV Particle Shield System
Fixed Armament
  • 2 x FLW650 Maser Vibration Whip
  • Nena Gurlukovich

The RZX-8SR Safir is the chosen knightmare frame of Nena Gurlukovich, the Holy Britannian Empire's Knight of Eight in Code Geass Megiddo.


Inspired by the OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, but as a Knightmare Frame. It has noticeably sharp and ridged armor, giving it a demonic profile, while a pair of short wings (similar to the Okinawa ver. Altron Gundam's) are placed on its back on either side of the cockpit pod. Alongside, its arms are like those of the OZ-14MS Gundam Aquarius, with the Maser Vibration Whips being mounted within the forearms, extending throughout wrist placed compartments, with Blaze Luminous generators further back. Colors are dark red and black with grey highlights.


Designed at the auspices of Nena Gurlukovich, the eccentric Knight of Eight, the Safir is one of the more unorthodox designs to be produced by Britannia, even for a Knight of the Round. Like most Round units, the Safir was designed around close-combat capability, and as such possesses far greater speed and mobility than average (which are further emphasized by its somewhat lighter weight), while its light but durable armor provides it a fair amount of protection. Alongside, it features the advanced electronics and mechanical systems of its generation, by themselves granting the Safir performance above and beyond those of most knightmare types.

However, what truly sets the Safir apart, even from its brethren within the Rounds, is that it only holds one type of weapon: a pair of maser vibration whips, which are stored in either forearm. Though forwardly looking underequipped, these whips are actually all that the Safir and its pilot require to fight. As Nena's fighting style is set around executing a series of dance-like maneuvers, namely those involving spins, twirls and other elaborate movements, the whips are the perfect weapons to utilize, as their fluidness and versatility allow the Safir to engage its foes from multiple angles, in both offensive and defensive advances. Alongside, the Safir's combat computer has been programmed with a series of whip techniques (or "dance steps" as Nena calls them) in order to bring out both the weapons' and their host knightmare's full potential.

Beyond those, the Safir's only other defining point is its demonic profile. As Nena specifically requested for her stede to be fashioned around a "true nightmare", the Safir holds notably ridged, scale-like armor and draconic texture. This, combined with the Safir's elegant yet deadly performance in battle alongside the knowledge that it is piloted by the Knight of Eight, has instilled terror into more than one enemy pilot.


  • FLW650 Maser Vibration Whip
The Safir's sole weapons. Essentially segmented chains, the whips function by channeling extremely high oscillation through their segments, giving them the famously high cutting powers of their weapon type while retaining unconventional fluidity and reach. Through the former, Nena can engage a series of dance-like maneuvers, through which the whips can be used offensively and defensively, from cutting into enemy units to "swatting" bullets and missiles from the air. For greater efficiency, Nena has programmed the Safir's combat computer (which can directly control and maneuver the whips, even without moving the Safir's arms) with several of her "dance steps", such that the computer can guide the whips along accordingly as Nena executes one of these maneuvers. And finally, the whips are capable of extending and retracting at fast rates, allowing Nena to perform rapid attacks and evasive maneuvers in quick succession, with the whips extending and retracting constantly throughout.

System FeaturesEdit

  • FSC8X Dual Factsphere Open Sensor Camera
As with most Britannian knightmares, the Safir has a pair of miniature factsphere sensor cameras mounted within its shoulders. The factsphere is essentially an advanced camera that relays live thermographic images and data to the pilot. Due to its sensitivity, both due to its intended purpose and to physical damage, the factsphere is usually kept behind a set of armored plates and only deployed for in-depth scans of a targeted item or area. As the Safir carries two units, it can literally scan at double the depth and range of a standard factsphere.
  • EDC8X Dual-Eye Sensor Camera
As traditional with most later generation knightmares, the Safir is equipped with a dual-eye sensor camera system, taking the form of a pair of human-like emerald "eyes" within its head. These cameras are decidedly more advanced than quad cameras equipped on preceding fourth and fifth generation knightmares, and were capable of visualizing the Safir surrounding to the best amount of detail and focus.
  • ECR8X Multispectral Sensor System
The Safir carries a standard sensor package, not unlike those of most knightmares. One small deviation, however, is that the Caius' sensors are designed to be rugged and highly durable, such that they may still function even after a direct hit from enemy weaponry.
  • LSP8X Landspinner Propulsion System
Designed from the beginning for high mobility, the Safir is equipped with higher grade landspinners, which are designed to produce much greater revolutions than standard units as well as holding reinforced tires for increased durability, especially against rougher terrain.
  • EVB8X "Blaze Luminous" MSV Particle Shield System
Based on data obtained from the original Z-01 Lancelot, the Safir is equipped with a standard Blaze Luminous system. Mounted in the Safir's arms in similar arrangement to the Lancelot, the Blaze Luminous provide the Safir a secondary defense against enemy weapons and attacks, notably energy weapons such as hadron cannons, radiant wave surgers or blitz weaponry. Otherwise they hold no defining function beyond the standards of its type.


Created for Nena Gurlukovich, Knight of Five and "Reaper of Britannia", the RZX-8SR Safir would make its debut during the Great World War. Notably it would see service on the Western European Front, in which Nena took a direct role in the invasion of Spain and France, and later on in Area 22 (China), where he would fight against the Chinese Liberation Army (namely against General Li Xingke himself and his Tianshou Team) alongside the newly returned Black Knights.

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