Seitz Kururugi

Seitz Kururugi


Birth and Young LifeEdit

Seitz was born in Japan to Genbu Kururugi and his wife however a year after his birth he was sold to Britannia before his younger brother was even born to keep Britannia from attacking the country they called their economical ally and so peace was reigned for another ten years where Seitz became prudent in learning the ways of Britannia and how to pilot Knightmare Frames, Maximillion took Seitz as his Knight and under Marriane Vi Britannia the two became close, after his mother's death and the disgrace of Lelouch and Nannually caused Maximillion to step forwards to offer occupying Japan for Britannia and this caused Seitz to being piloting the P-01 Maleagant, using the Maleagant he managed to defeat an opponent far superior to him (Luo Kai) and with superior numbers, proclaiming himself Maximillion's Knight.

Lelouch of the RevolutionEdit

Lelouch of the Revolution 2Edit

Lelouch of the Revolution 3Edit


Hand-to-Hand CombatEdit

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Conversation between Seitz and Adrian Mc NeilEdit

Adrian: "S'up Seitz, this the World you dreamed of?"

Seitz: "My dream is but Maximillion's fancy now"