Following the success of the Britannia's defensive Blaze Luminous system, the concept was soon brought forth for mass production and eventually entered into the 7th and 8th generation Knightmare Frames' arsenal. But along with this, Britannian researchers sought to experiment with the concept even further and the result was the offense-oriented Spatha Luminous system. Essentially little more than a refinement of the Blaze Luminous, the Spatha Luminous was functionally the same technology, but converted so that it would produce a long and narrow particle field that functions as an energy blade, all with cutting properties that rival both Britannia's own Maser Vibration technology and the Black Knights' Katen Yaibatou chain weaponries. And just like its original incarnation, the Spatha Luminous can be used as a shield to deflect attacks, but as it covers less surface area, it is somewhat less effective in the defensive role.