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Vosgulov class submarine


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Schematics Edit

Tench-Class SubmarinesEdit


  • 270 Meters


  • 24.8 Meters


  • 30.7

Unit Type: Edit

  • Secret Operations Mobile HQ
  • Heavy Sub/Heavy Carrier

Design Brainchild:Edit

Contracted Shipyard:Edit

  • Panama Naval Base

Armament: Edit

  • 10 × 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes, six forward and four aft - 38 torpedoes each
  • 1 × 5-inch (127 mm) / 25 caliber deck gun,
  • 1x Bofors 40 mm cannon
  • 1x Oerlikon 20 mm cannon
  • 20x Missile Launchers, located in top of Sub


  • Non-Mobile Optical Camoflage, used to create stealth, only effective if immobile
  • Gefjun Disturber, provides electronic stealth
  • "Blaze Luminous" MSV Particle Shield, mounted in main hull, provides full defense
  • 3x Vertical Launch Catapulats for Knightmare Frames
  • 4x Pressure Tight Underwater catapults for Underwater Knightmare Frames
  • 4x Supply/Bulkheads, located on upper ship

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