The Genesis Series is a fanfiction Series that takes place after Season 2 of Code Geass and reveals a new Antagonists in the form of a German and a Indian, two years after Code Geass the Britannian Empire is in a state of Civil War - Michael El Britannia has taken to the field at last with the intention of taking the Throne of Britannia into the hands that rightfully deserve it, meanwhile the New Indian Union and the European Reich.

Story ArcsEdit

New Rebellion ArcEdit

Dominion of the World ArcEdit


Divine Empire of BritanniaEdit

Main article: Divine Empire of Britannia (TGS)

Pacifying Empire of BritanniaEdit

Main article: Pacifying Empire of Britannia (TGS)

Japanese RepublicEdit

Main article: Japanese Republic (TGS)

New Chinese FederationEdit

Main article: New Chinese Federation (TGS)

New Asian EmpireEdit

Main article: New Asian Empire (TGS)

European ReichEdit

Main article: European Reich (TGS)



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