In Black Knight Colors
General Characteristics
Model Number Type-11
Codename Black Burai
Unit type Custom/Modified Fifth Generation Knightmare Frame
Manufacturer Chawla Design Group
Dimensions overall height 4.37 meters
Weight 5.78 Metric tons
Powerplant energy filler, replaceable electrical cartridge, uses Yggdrasil drive superconductor transfer system, power output rating unknown
Equipment and Design Features
Type-F5E Factsphere Camera and Sensor System
Type-M0A Landspinner Mobility Package
Fixed Armament
Type-5 10mm Anti-Personal Machine Gun
Type-3A Slash Harkens

The Type-11 Black Burai is a modified Fifth Generation Knightmare Frame that was developed as the primary knightmare of the Order of the Black Knights Reserve by the Chawla Design Group. It is heavily based on the earlier Type-1R Burai Kai developed by the Kyoto Group during the First Black Rebellion and basically takes a regular Glasgow or Type-10 Burai before updating the design to create a sort-of new design that can stand up to other Fifth Generation Designs far easier.


The Black Burai looks exactly like the older Burai Kai and is basically an updated regular Burai, or Glasgow, similar to how the Kyoto Group originally developed the Burai itself. There is really two paint-jobs for the design with one based on the older Burai Kai regular colors which used by the Black Knight Reserve Force, and the other white and light gray in use by the Orb Self Defense Forces.


Overall the Black Burai is quite superior over the older regular Burai and is developed for use as a reserve defensive Knightmare for use of reserve or civilian-militia like units. Therefore it is quite easy to learn how to pilot and is very easy to maintain therefore the perfect unit for such units. However while it is updated it is not on the level of other Eighth Generation Knightmare Frames like the Akatsuki or Vincent Ward, it is only to be used as defensive unit.


Handheld Armaments - Order of the Black KnightsEdit

  • Type-10/B2 90mm Anti-Knightmare Bazooka
A similar looking bazooka to the Type-6 Bazooka in use by the Akatsuki just being a bit cheaper to use and to be use as a handheld weapon instead of an arm mounted weapon like the Type-6,
  • Type-10/AR3 25mm Anti-Knightmare Assault Rife
The Type-10/AR1 had originally been the assault rifle used by the older Burai Knightmares during the First Black Rebellion both by the Japenese Liberation Front and the Order of the Black Knights. The newer AR3 version is quite superior over the older rifle and sports a dedicated three-shot grenade launcher slung under the barrel. Overall the AR3 is quite superior over the older AR1 Rifle. 
  • "Katen Yaibatou Type-III" Anti-Knightmare Revolving Blade Sword
The Black Burai is equipped with the same sword equipped to the Akatsuki therefore does not possess the vastly superior Type-II Sword used by not only the Akatsuki Command Type but the original Burai Kai as well. However it is quite cheaper to produce therefore the Black Burai uses this sword.

Handheld Armaments - Orb Self Defense ForcesEdit

  • Type-A10 15mm Carbine
A direct copy of the earlier developed Type-10/C1 Carbine used by several Black Knight used Burai during the First Black Rebellion and is the first primary weapon of the Black Burai's used by Orb. However it is not powerful enough to really pierce any sort of Knightmare armor therefore it is soon replaced by the newly developed Type-A14 Rifle.
  • Type-A14 20mm Assault Rifle
The same rifle used by the Orb Lancer Knightmare and replaces the Type-A10 15mm Carbine first in use by the Orb use Black Burais therefore not much can be said about this rifle.
  • Type-A25 65mm Bazooka
The Type-A25 Bazooka is the main heavy weapon in use by Orb used Black Burai and is basically the same weapon as the one in use by the mainline Lancer Knightmare.
  • Type-C9E Anti-Knightmare Monomolecular Cutter

Fixed Armaments - AllEdit

  • Type-3 Slash Harkens
A direct copy of the Britannian developed Mark-II Slash Harkens and are not really modified at all during the customization that created the Black Burai. It was said that the new Black Burai should have new Slash Harkens maybe based on those in use by the Japanese developed Gekka and Akatsuki frames, however the older Slash Harkens where not that bad therefore the decision was made to continue using the older model. Not to mention it was quite cheaper to do so making the Black Burai quite easy to produce and maintain.
  • Type-5 10mm Anti-Personal Machine Gun
A fixed gun that is the same weapon in use by the original Burai Kai and is mainly use for anti-infantry combat therefore it is not generally in use and only mounted when it is used. However Orb Black Burais mount this weapon as a matter of course and is not only used for anti-infantry but close in defense like against incoming missiles or rockets.

System FeaturesEdit

  • Type-F5E Factsphere Camera and Sensor System
An improved version of the older Type-F3E Factsphere in use by the original Burai and sports some lessons in developing the mono-eyed camera units of the Akatsuki Knightmares therefore quite superior over any other Factsphere.
  • Type-M0A Landspinner Mobility Package
The same old Landspinner system first used by the Burai and Burai Kai. Not much improvements thanks to the planned use of a mainline defensive unit which didn't really need to move around all that much.


Type-11C Burai Non-Combat Type [Burai Worker]Edit

A Non-Combat variant of the Black Burai that is general use by several members of the UFN as a civilian-use knightmare for whatever non-combat jobs. The refugees at Orb Island would also have several of these knightmares which would be used by them to help in the reconstruction of the old abandoned cities on the island. Therefore these knightmares can be equipped with a variety of different handheld tools similar to those already in use by the RPW-01 Springburn Civilian Knightmare.

MBF-12A Burai-II Edit

Main Article: MBF-12A Burai-II

A newly developed and built version of the Black Burai that is entirely built by Morgenroete Heavy Industries who produce this Burai variant as a back-up unit to MBF-07A Lancer of the Orb Forces, as well as importing to their handful of allies including the Independent State of Okinawa and the Independent State of the Marshall Islands. A few also fall into the hands of a few independent groups and other neutral states. Morgenroete also produces the Burai-II Heavy Variant their version of the RPI-14 Sutherland-II Heavy Knightmare Frame and a custom Flight Version.

MTF-01A Burai Trainer Edit

A special variant that is equipped to be a trainer for basic Knightmare piloting classes. Therefore it is equipped similar to other Black Burai units but sporting a dedicated two-seat cockpit for a instructor and trainee pilot. Also sports internal equipment needed for such a training unit. This unit is mainly used by the Kingdom of Orb and its dedicated Royal Knightmare Pilot Academy. When the Black Burai is finally retired by the Orb Self Defense Forces the Academy would have a few dozen of these frames in use for basic Knightmare piloting training before moving on to the more advanced trainers set aside for the Orb Lancer series.


The Type-11 Black Burai was first developed by the Order of the Black Knights during the formation of the United Federation of Nations when it needed a dedicated unit for reserve civil defense duties. This came about after the Indian Civil Defense Unit was integrated into the Black Knights along with several other similar units who needed their own dedicated Knightmare unit. The answer to this was to update the older Burai Knightmares and hand these units over to these Civil Defense and Reserve Units.

All in all several dozen of these units would be built by the new Chawla Design Group and distributed to the many different reserve units across the new UFN which would use this unit for the next few year. Even a few dozen would be handed over to a few allied, but not member nations of the UFN, like the refugees on Orb Island which is how the new Kingdom of Orb would end up with several of these units when it was first founded. These units would serve as the first Knightmares of the new Orb Self Defense Forces alongside a handful of the Akatsuki Knightmares assigned to the old Knights of Zero forces.

Eventually the aging Black Burais would be all-out replaced by superior Knightmares but for a few years these dedicated knightmares would hold the line protecting the civilians of the UFN from any threat.

Triva Edit

  • The Black Burai is only visually similar to the Type-1R Burai Kai and is only done this way to use lineart of the under-used Burai Kai.

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