Chapter One

A few months into the beginning of the Great War....
Three men in black armor were clearing away rubble One of the troopers had an orange pauldron around his neck. The trooper was picking up a large rock when he saw a huge door, He signaled the two troopers over and they pulled at the door. They kept pulling at the rocks until they saw  a boy lying on the ground. The trooper nearest the unconscious boy picked him up. The second trooper poured water on the boy’s face; rousing him.\

The boy had black hair witha lock of hair covering one of his red eyes. He wore a brown long sleeved shirt with shirt pockets. A gunbelt encircled his waist,and he had a holster attached to his belt and strapped around his right thigh. He had light blue pants that were tucked into a pair of white boots with blue tips and blue stripes on the sides.

The trooper asked, “Are you alright, boy?” The trooper with the orange pauldron crouched, and  gave the boy  a water canteen .
The boy sat up.  “Huh? Am I in Japan?”   
The trooper with the pauldron said, “Actually, sir, Japan ended months ago, Emperor Charles’ Britannian Empire is now what the world was. Welcome to Area 11. ”
Kellyn staggered as he got up. He then dozily  raised his fist which caused two of  the troopers to point their carbine rifles at him. The trooper with the pauldron groaned and stood up. He lowered his hand; prompting the troopers to lower their weapons.
He looked past them to see a pistol with white barrel with blue stripes on the sides.  He picked up and handed it to Kellyn. The boy holstered his gun. Suddenly, a strange power warned him about the three men before him. He began to move back.

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