Hello, maybe you fans can help me ;) pretty please

I am searching for a fic it tells of lelouch and Suzaku being both on revolutions' side, that has this text;

u asked.

What’s the date?” Suzaku asked.

November fifth.”

Like in that weird poem you wrote?”

I sent it to Cornelia, too.”

Suzaku almost fell off his chair, gaping at Lelouch. Nor was he the only one; everyone who was in earshot stared at the teen in shock and denial. Said teen simply poked a fork at the remaining rice in his bowl.

“Wait, so- were you planning something today? Is that why Toudou-san and the others are gone?”

Lelouch looked offended. “Of course not!” Then a triumphant smirk made its way onto his face. “I planned it for the eighth. By then the troops will have relaxed due to the ‘false alarm.”

A random soldier walked up to him and bowed. “You have a truly devious mind.” 'vember fifth.”

It was posted on, but i cannot find it anymore

I will be sooo thankfull to youif you can help me :)

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